Help me find an led alternative for these bulbs, please

Momto3kiddosFebruary 22, 2013

We have decided to use led cans throughout our new build and in convincing my husband to do so, he asks,"Why are we not using LEDs in our office if they are so great for the house?". So now I have new homework for myself. These are the two bulbs that are used the most throughout the dental office except for trough style lights in the operatories. That is another topic altogether. Can you recommend a specific led bulb that I can use in place of these two?

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Cr6 for the 50w PAR 30 and cr 4 for the PAR 20 if they are used in recessed cans.

Otherwise, there are PAR 30 and 20 LED lamps from a range of manufacturers to choose from. Some are dimmable while others have higher lumen output.

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We have replaced all the recessed can floods in our house with EcoSmart kits we got at Home Depot. It is an easy replacement and the light quality is very good. I really like the way the bulb and trim are all together -- it makes a very clean finished look. The six 4" may be another brand -- I just remember they cost more than the 6" ones, and it may pay to shop a more than one store. They used to be about $60-65 at the store nearest us and came down to $50. We found them for about $32-34 at the store in the other direction from our house and when I went back to get more, they were $24.95. That's cheaper than just the bulbs at our lighting store,.

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I don't think the CR6 would substitute for a narrow-flood PAR-30 though - the CR6 is more a wide flood, about 50 degree. Nonetheless, they should work well in your application, unless the ceilings are very high. I would've thought narrow floodlamps would leave bright spots underneath them unless they're spaced very closely together.

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