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ovenbirdJuly 24, 2012

I'm scheduled for a biopsy of the tip of my tongue in a couple of weeks and am looking for suggestions for soft foods. I suspect the least painful would be foods which I could eat using a straw. I'm already planning on making smoothies, pudding and jello. Any and all diabetic friendly ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I've been on a soft food diet the past few days after my parathyroid surgery on my neck, and I've been eating mostly noodle soups, along with ice cream, and potatoes. For the noodle soups, I generally start with chicken broth and add dried vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, egg drop, wakame, and flavorings. I have some dried wood-ear mushrooms that I especially like in this soup - they are softer than regular mushrooms. For flavorings I add garlic, ginger, black vinegar, lime juice, herbs, sesame oil, etc and generally make it more of a Japanese style. I do generally use udon noodles, but other noodles work as well. I make enough soup for two meals at a time. Poached fish is also very soft. I also had some leftover turkey-egg salad that I ate on soft bread. I minced the vegetables for the salad in a mini-food chopper (KA stick blender attachment) and omitted the celery. I ground the turkey instead of putting it in the chopper. You could just make an egg salad or pasta salad.

Sunday I had my brother boil some potatoes for me and add some sausage to the pot. I generally do not have him make anything more complicated than that, although I will have him do the grilling for me.

You can cook just about any vegetable and then puree if it, if you want.


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Yellow split pea soup is very comforting and nutritious. Being vegetarian, that is my "go to" soup when I'm under the weather. Add a pinch of saffron to the broth, it's great for your immune system! Tumeric and garlic are good too. You can add potatoes, onions and carrots or summer squash or zuchinni. I wouldn't do celery, too stringy, but celery seed can sub for flavor. You can also add rice or pastina to it.
I can't remember the other spices I use, I think a couple cloves stuck in the onion, and maybe some marjoram or savory, and some parsley.

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Custard with 2% milk? Maybe, baked sweet potatoes - they are soft & offer a different nutritional profile than white potatoes. Yogurt w/pureed fruit?


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Thanks for all the great mind was a total blank.

Lars, hope your recovery is going well.

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I had some oral surgery yesterday and made some lentil soup. Very tasty and soft, too.

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I also had some oral surgery last week after I fell and broke off a back molar. It included a bone graft in my bottom right jaw. Nothing hard or crunchy, not even small pieces of celery in chicken salad. No seeds or small particles like rice or quinoa or barley which could get into the incision. Nothing carbonated or fizzy. No straws. Heck, I can't even use toothpaste or mouthwash, I'm relegated to baking soda.

No soup, it's been above 90F every day. I don't really care for ice cream or cold soup or iced coffee, it's just not right, LOL. I've been oatmealed and mashed potatoed to the point of disgust. It's just too much trouble, I've decided I'll just live on coffee for another week until they remove the stitches. Hot coffee.


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I had a dental bone graft, too.
So far I have done well on yogurt and ice cream and pudding.
I hate the part about not being able to brush and floss.

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Carol, the lentils didn't get down into those stitches and get caught?

All of my stitches pulled away on one side, so they are holding nothing and I have kind of a "hole" there since they can't really stitch it again. Not even vigorous swishing allowed.....


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Here are some ideas. You'll have to look up recipes. I'm away from home and iPad is cumbersome for cutting and pasting, but here goes:

1. Congee. A small amount of rice cooked in a large amount of liquid for a very long time. Yields a very soft texture. Can be flavored sweet or savory. Lots of info online.

2. Carrot puree. Cook carrots until extremely tender. Mash well or use immersion blender. Flavor with (a) brown sugar and balsamic vinegar; (b) dill; (c) salt and butter or any other flavors you use for carrots.

3. Asparagus souffle. Get recipe at simply Even though it deflates, it is still tasty when reheated.

When DD had jaw surgery, they did not want her sucking thru a straw. The hospital sent her home with a huge syringe with a rubber tube on the end so she could SLOWLY shoot food into her mouth.

Ask questions of the hospital staff and your physician's staff. They've dealt with your issues before and can provide guidance.

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