Attractive LED candelabra bulbs

NorthlutFebruary 19, 2014

What LED candelabra bulbs are people liking for applications where the bulb itself is visible? Our porch light takes two candelabra-type bulbs and the glass is mostly clear (there's just a bit of texture) and near eye level, so very prominent. We're currently using clear 40W incandescents, so the filament is visible, which is a nice effect. But they burn out ALL THE TIME, so I'd like to replace them with LEDs. I know I'm not going to get the "visible filament" look, but it seems like all of the LED candelabra bulbs I've found in the local stores are downright ugly. And the online, it's hard to find accurate pictures of what they look like when they're turned on. I'm willing to pay a premium for a product that actually looks good and puts out nice light.

Any recommendations?

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In these days, Led bulbs are occupying the best position in lighting system. They are available us in various shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: point light source

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I use bulb from Ikea - bright, excellent incandescent-quality light, good color rendering, doesn't flicker, looks good (not quite an exposed filiment, but can't tell much difference unless up close, and even then it looks just slightly different, not worse). Only issue is they can't be dimmed, and don't play nice with some automatic ambient light sensors that turn the light on at night automatically, unless one halogen bulb is left in the circuit.

They make a larger one as well if you need a brighter bulb.

Lowes sells a similar one under their Utilitech house brand that has more of a filiment look and is dimmable too, but it's not quite as bright or good overall IMO.

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