Please help figure this out, can I use this fixture somehow?

annab6February 1, 2010

We are renovating a bathroom where we have a 46-inch-wide bathroom vanity which sits with the back and left sides attached to walls.

The mirror is going to be the same width as the vanity.

There is not enough room there for two side fixtures, we need to have one single fixture above the sink.

But we have a vent pipe from the sink going directly in the center and it can't be moved.

So the advice I received is to pick a fixture with a back plate and have the electrical box installed with an offset and hidden behing the plate somehow.

Our style is mostly transitional so I don't want anything too ornate or victorian but also don't want a very plain look.

The one that I like most is this one:

I thought there should be enough room there to do what we need to do but I called Handmadeinvermont and they said the plate is only 4.75" tall in the center so it can't be done with a 4" electrical box.

Do any other options exist or do I need to dismiss this fixture and keep looking?

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