Lighting issues/ Do I have to give up my ceiling beams? (pics)

sherwhyFebruary 25, 2010

I hope I'm posting in the correct forum. It's a lighting issue but involves my ceiling beams. The floor plan shows my designed beams as dotted lines. Contractor says the one beam running over the kitchen island will look odd with the placement of the pendant lights.

Does it matter if the placement of the pendants are not equally spaced away from the beam?

What do you all think? Should I only put the beams in the living room area and nix the ones separating the kitchen and dining? I really wanted that one defining the dining area. Any other solutions?

Thank you!

* In the image below, the beam would run closer to the blue recepticle.

* Below is the living room showing beams coming off of fireplace area and dining area to the right of the kitchen.

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The beams need to be believable and in the correct places to appear as if they supported the structure or they then become the odd looking items if just thrown in where convenient. Having a cable supported pendant passing closer to a beam is just a reality of working with structural support that doesn't line up with interior features. Perhaps if everything was designed from scratch you could have perfection. If the breakfast/dining area was pushed out you could make the island longer or scoot it over. Not likely right?

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