Marinated fried (green) plantains?

ynnejJuly 10, 2012

I am trying to figure out a way to infuse more flavor into my plantain chips. They're good when fried and sprinkled with seasoning, but I want more from them. Has anyone tried marinating them before frying? And what about drying them? Anyone tried that? They would have to be oven-dried, as I am sans dehydrator. Marinated and dried? Marinated and fried? I've seen recipes for both, but none with stars- I only trust recipes with lots of stars, or those recommended by GW'ers. And I don't like yellow plantains, although I often let them sit around until they turn yellow. But anyways, thanks.

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Do you have a Foodsaver or similar vacuum machine?

If you do, Google "flash pickling"


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I don't, but I just watched a video on it- fascinating! My kitchen is seriously lacking, but it's coming along bit by bit.

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