Fisher & Paykel Eco Washer splashing water

JJmamSeptember 22, 2012

We have a F&P Eco Washer that is throwing water under the lid during the high speed spin cycle. Water leaks out between the lid and plastic top, primarily in the front, some on right side. Washer is about 7 years old. There is no gasket and the latch is secure, but there is some play between the lid and top when latched.

Is this a case of outgassing plastic changing dimensions? There is no water on the inside of the unit on the floor, no leaks around bottom or base other than what drips down the outside sheet metal.

Is there something else to check?

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Nothing to do with the lid or lock or any gaskets. The diverter valve is likely the cause. If it doesn't fully shift from recirculate to drain, some amount of water will flow through the recirculation port during drain. When spin at high speed is extracting water from the clothes to be drained away, any bit of recirculation will hit the top rim of the spinning basket and spray around where it shouldn't, run down the cabinet where it meets the top deck.

There are several models with the Eco designation. You don't cite the specific model number of your machine but I'll guess it's a GWL11.

If the lid doesn't lock during drain immediately after the wash period (which GWL11 shouldn't), open it and observe if there's any recirculation. Should be NONE, water should flow ONLY out of the drain hose.

Or, I can outline the steps to test it via Diagnostic Mode.

Your diverter apparently is otherwise working, or the machine would be throwing a fault code. Probably there's a bit of lint or debris (a dime, hairpin, etc.) in the valve that is blocking the flapper from sealing fully in drain position, allowing some pump flow to bypass into the recirculate direction. Disconnect the power, tip the machine back for access beneath. Locate the diverter, should be inside a protective plastic cover, mounted under the tub. A sort of triangular device with three hoses attached (pump sump, recirculation hose, drain hose), and two wires. Remove the hoses, pull the entire diverter if necessary, examine it for debris.

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