New LG vs Pre-Owned Mieles

ScottGPASeptember 7, 2011

Hi All,

My basement was recently flooded with over 2ft of water, which ruined my Kenmore HE3 washer and dryer. I havent been flooded before, but thanks to Irene, I took a hit. I live on a large hillside and it appears to have been all runnoff. Something I'll need to address, for sure.

At any rate, the task at hand.. Since I need a new washer/dryer I checked out reviews and saw that there were LG's (LG 2140) that were very reasonably priced on sale. I went ahead and ordered the LG washer and dryer and am waiting for delivery..

I had always wanted a Miele washer/dryer, but their prices have detered me from taking that plunge. I've got a Miele LaPerla dishwasher which has been great, so no complaints on that front. I also had owned a Miele Blue Moon vacuum prior to installing a central vac, and no complaints there, either.

While waiting for delivery of the LG's, I started looking around at the Miele's. I found someone about 50 miles away who is moving and is selling their approx 4 year old Miele W1113 and T1313 washer and dryer. I know the specs of both, and while they're smaller than "American" models, they have many desirable featuers (water heater, higher spin speeds, etc).

My question - What does everyone think about purchasing a pre-owned Miele washer/dryer? I believe that I could get them both for between $800-900. My concern is warranty - The LG's will be $1000 total, with a warranty. I'll be taking a chance with the Miele's, although I believe they're built much better and have better featuers, although a smaller capacity. If I went the Miele route, I could install them on the 1st floor and not in the basement.

Do I sacrafice warranty for a better machine? Just don't want to be spending $500 on repairs in a few months. On the other hand, I don't want to regret passing up the Miele opportunity, either.

Thanks for any advice!


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I can't help you with those Miele model numbers.

I want to point of that the LG you ordered does not have an internal heater. I would rethink that if I were you.

This from LGs website:
"... the LG WM2140CW Washer does not have an internal heating element within the washer, and is limited to the hot water delivered to it from the home's water heater. This limits the highest temperature achievable by the washer, and thus washers without internal heaters cannot offer Sanitary cycles of Extra Hot water temperatures. If you need to wash baby's diapers or do laundry loads of heavily soiled clothes (i.e. construction worker's clothes), then a model with an internal water heater may suit your needs better. If so, the WM2350HWC may be worth a look."

Having said that, my parents have the WM2140 set and really like it. I warned them too about the heater but they didn't "heed" my warning :)

I've had both a machine without and now a machine with (Miele W4842). I do think the heater is helpful for hotter washes and sanitizing the machine.

I will point out though that my Miele keeps consistent temps in all programs except Normal. The LG will only engage the heater for certain settings like sanitary or extra hot.

I believe there is significant heat loss from the water travelling to the machine and then the cold interior and clothes cooling it even further.

Maybe the second hand Mieles would be a good choice?

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Making a claim against the LG warranty is not a stress free no hastle type experience.

I would wager a large amount of cash that the Miele will last longer than the LG by at least four years.

I would take the four year old MIELE.

I would absolutely not buy a front loader without an internal heater.

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Are you sure those model #'s are correct?

I have the 1413 (washer) and 1213 (dryer). I purchased them second-hand and have been very happy with them. If you can truly verify their age, I would not be deterred by units that are 4 or 5 years old. Miele's are built to provide upwards of 20 years of service.

Depending on your location, you may be able to find a certified Miele technician to examine them for you.

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100 miles round trip to chase a couple of used appliances you're not at all familiar with but seem interesting based on what you've read on internet forums about others like them? This you're about to do based on what a total stranger represented to you? Really?

Do you want to solve your laundry problem or do you just have a lot of time and enjoy driving?

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LOVE my LG, never any problems and with the purchase even being from a Sears outlet store it still was like new and we paid less then half the retail price. There were a few scratches on the paint (they are a navy blue) and they gave us a free bottle of blue paint to do the touchups.

Love the LG!!!

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@michelle_phxaz, it would be helpful to the post if you would mention which LG you have (model number). Since models can have vastly different features it would be nice to know which features yours has (ie. heater?).

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Forgot to mention, my Miele's replaced the same washer (HE3). Huge improvement. I would not want to have a washer without an internal water heater again. It is amazing how much cleaner things are.

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