LED 'color' for kitchen - thoughts?

burntfingersFebruary 13, 2012

We are putting recessed LED lighting in our kitchen (completely new construction). The kitchen will have 10 1/2 foot ceilings, and this lighting is planned for general lighting over the work area. (Will probably also have under cabinet lighting, but I'm not sure we're going to have upper cabinets everywhere there is a counter/work area.)

I've read a lot of the threads on GW, and done research on the various Kelvin colors. I've gone to HD and Lowe's and Lamps Plus to try to look at the various "colors" created --managed to see nominal 2700k, 3000k lights. And, I bought a 4" Sylvania 3000k unit and hooked it up in "the kitchen" to see what the light would look like in place.(Bought the Sylvania because it was the cheapest to use as a "throw away" - probably would not be using that "for real"(it was only 9 watts and I've been told we probably want 14), and certainly won't be using 4"...)

SO here's my question: given the height of the ceiling, and the fact that this may have to do for task lighting as well as just general illumination, and adding in that my eyes aren't what they used to be -- what would you recommend? The 4" 3000k light seemed pretty dim when we mocked it up at ceiling level - I'd definitely have to turn on additional lighting to work comfortably. But I don't want a harsh lighting either. Does anyone have 3500k lighting?

Experts, please weigh in!


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Lamp output should not be measured in terms of watts but in lumens.

A higher color temp may fool your eyes into thinking that the actual light output is higher.

If you want higher output modules at a higher color temp, the Cree LR6 has models that have a 3500k color light output.

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Thanks, Davidtay. The lumen output on the dim-looking "sample" light was 650. I thought that was fairly high, but I guess I still need educating on that! Will have to try to find the Cree -- HD had only the 2700 and 3000.

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I generally prefer 2700K in kitchens with wood cabinets, but white or gray cabinets can look better with higher color temps. Bright 5000K lights in a white-cabinet kitchen can look stunning, like daylight but at night. But 2700K gives the warm incandescent-like light that most people are used to for indoor lighting. 3000 or 3500K loses the yellowish-ness of the 2700K lights an is fairly neutral, neither warm or cool.

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Try polar-ray.com.
They have a fairly wide range of Cree recessed can lights.

Btw, the led recessed can thread should answer most questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Led recessed can guide for kitchens

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