so are LED recessed lights too bright or not bright enough?

srg215February 2, 2010

Some posts say that they don't give enough light and some say they're too bright. which is it?

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I'm not familiar with that particular brand and model fixture.

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Depending on what you get, you can have it as bright or dim as you like, all the way from night-light up to indoor plant growlights. You can also get any colors you want, and change the colors around if you feel like it.

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LED bulbs vary greatly in quality. Some do not spread out the light very well, which does give a hot spot. Others are too dim. Others are too blue or too orange.
There are good ones, but you'll have to do your homework if you use LED.

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I posted some pictures of our kitchen light installation test. Here in California we are stuck with the rules to comply or "no go". We opted to spring for the LED cans mostly because of the height of the ceiling and changing bulbs.

See my post below with pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of kitchen LED cans

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They are sufficiently bright. Cree will have CR6 lamps available on the market soon which will be ~ 50% cheaper than the LR6.

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