Snags on Towels

monicakm_gwSeptember 17, 2012

Now matter what kind/brand of washer you have, I'd like to know if you've ever had problems with towels getting snags in them from the washer? My towels are washed with underwear, socks and "around the house" t-shirts. Nothing the terry loops can get snagged on yet every time I fold towels, I end up with a pile of threads from my towels. I've had 3 washers in 33 years. This Whirlpool Cabrio is the only one that has ever done this. I've had two repairmen look at it. One said he saw nothing wrong and actually said, "it's just the nature of this particular washer" :o About a year went by before I called again to complain. This time the agitator was replaced. Both the technician and I looked and could see nowhere that the towels could get caught. If I was washing towels with items I thought could do this, that would be one thing but underware, socks and pull over shirts?? So has anyone else experienced this, regardless of which washer you have? Oh, and I've had the same dryer thru two different washers and didn't have the problem with the washer before this one.



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this is but one of the reasons why I like a FL over a TL. agitators have wrecked more a few of our clothes items over the year.

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I cannot ever remember having snags on terrycloth towels, even when I used college dorm washers back in the dark ages.

Were the towels purchased after you got the current washer?

Or had they been washed thousands of times in the old washer and started the snags after getting the new?

'One said he saw nothing wrong and actually said, "it's just the nature of this particular washer" '
Yikes. That does not inspire confidence in the washer, does it?

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Do you wear your wedding band while using your towels? My wife was snagging towels left and right so I narrowed it down to her diamond mount crown prongs being the culprit. Had the mount reset, and prongs refashioned...the issue abated.

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dave, I've never had this problem till now and I've always had TL machines. I'm not a fan of FL machines. I wash our good clothes on delicate and don't feel I've had a problem with our clothes wearing out. But, I've got nothing to compare it to :)

Cavimum, the towels range in quality from WM to Target to Tuesday Morning to Land's End. They range in age from 12ish years to 2012. I'm none too happy that my Land's End monogrammed towels are full of pulls! :(

fahrenheit, The first thing I do when I get home from anywhere is take off my ALL my jewelry. Not too long ago I washed my hands before leaving the house, had my rings on and my wedding ring DID snag the hand towel.

I'm at a loss.

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Maybe the your dryer is the source. Or do you hang-dry your towels?

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No, I don't line dry my towels, only our good clothes (which is anything we wear out of the house except for DH's work clothes). The reason I've ruled out the dry is because I've had the same dryer with the washer before this one. But, I guess something could have developed in the dryer since then. I'll take a look tomorrow.

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I have owned two machines in the past ten years that caused snagging of garments. The worst one was a Maytag Atlantis. The agitator vanes at the base of the agitator were tapered against the base of the agitator. An obvious flaw was a pinch point created by the space between the fin and the base. After wondering what was putting little holes in my towels, I operated the machine with the top raised. I noticed that while the machine was spinning and draining the water, often times there would be an article held by the fin like a clothes peg. Once the machine got up to normal spin speed, the item would pull loose from the fin. I didn't keep that machine for very long after that before replacing it with another brand. The second machine wasn't really pulling the towels as it was just fraying them around the edges. It was a GE Harmony. Loved that machine, but it was rough on clothing.

Long term, I have found that front load machines are less likely to pull at fabrics with proper usage.


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Thanks mrb627. The repairman and I looked at the agitator and neither of us could see anything/place that could cause the snags. But at least I know it's happened to others and maybe, just maybe I'm not crazy after all (g) Oh, and I do have some that are fraying on the edges too. NEVER had this problem with any other washer I've owned.

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Over my lifetime I've used at least a dozen different washing machines with agitators and never saw snags on any towels until after I switched to a Cabrio top-loading agitatorless HE washer. (Yeah, that particular washer was a piece of garbage in more ways than I can count.) While using the Cabrio all of my dish towels ended up with huge snags. I don't know for sure if it was the washer or not but after buying a different washer there are no new snags.

While using the Cabrio my sheets started pilling and clothing developed holes in strange places. I wanted to chalk it up to normal wear and tear until I realized it wasn't just one set of sheets that were getting old pilling, but every sheet that had been put through that washer a few times. Holes do occasionally show up in clothing but these were in weird spots where holes don't normally happen.

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One method to check the washer and dryer is to buy some "cheese cloth" and then rub every surface in the washer and dryer with the cheese cloth.
If there is point or burr snagging the cloth the cheese cloth will snag there also.

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Monica, I've had a Maytag Bravos top-loading agitator-less HE washer for several years, and I have not had ANY problem with towels getting snagged, or fraying, or anything else. I've always bought towels on sale at various places like Macy's, Walmart, Kohl's, Penney's, and BJ's warehouse store. (I also haven't had this problem with sheets as Reginasunrae mentioned.)

I hope you're able to identify the culprit and solve your problem.

BTW - it's good to 'see' you here again. Sorry it's for this reason.

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Hi Mara, good to "see" you too :) I celebrated my 10 year anniverary here on GW this summer :) Hard to believe my "new" kitchen is 10 years old. Almost time to remodel again LOL
jakvis, I'm going to try the cheescloth suggestion. Thanks.
Reginasunrae, I had the Cabrio agitaor-less version at first. Did NOT like it. Traded for the agitator model.
Thanks everyone.

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jakvis, I was going to suggest exactly the same method, but I'd always heard you should use pantyhose for it since they are very sheer and easily snagged. Basically put one on like a glove and give the washer and dryer a good once-over on all surfaces, and you'll be able to feel/tell right away if it hits anything rough.

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