a2geminiFebruary 7, 2012

In our sunroom, I want to put a Hubbardton Forge Chandelier.

The room is about 11 feet square but the table is only 48x20.

Take a look at this one to see if you think it could work.

Posting the floor layout and the chandelier.

Floor layout

HF chandelier

The chandelier is a bit larger than normal for the table but I think the room can support it - what do you think?

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The chandelier looks nice, but a little big.

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I was a bit nervous about that - I am wondering if it is OK since the room is bigger than the table surface.
I haven't ordered the table or the chandelier yet, so still have flexibility.

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On the + side, your ceiling is higher than 10 ft, so the bottom of the chandelier will be over 7 ft from the floor.

I would use it if there are no easily found alternatives available locally.

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The guidelines I've been given would say 22 inches for the room, but only 10 for the table. Both are smaller than your proposed fixture which would extend beyond your table more than 2 inches on each side. That's a head banger if you hang it at a normal height. Having the bottom more than 7 feet up would mean treating it like a flush mount. I have seen that fixture and like it a lot. I think you can use it in the room, but you need a larger table.

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Thanks lascatx and davidtay
I am relooking at the smaller model of the same style lamp or getting a bigger table.
The room can support a bigger table - I just wanted the lift top table so the room could be more comfortable for sitting.
The good news - I haven't ordered either the table or the lamp.

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I saw that fixture again Friday and thought of you -- wondered what you were doing. I agree -- you could use a larger table, but a smaller version would probably work too. I do like that fixture, and if you haven't seen it in person, you won't be disappointed. The salesperson who has been helping me and I have both said how much we like that fixture, but it doesn't fit my house.

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Thanks lascatx
I am either going to increase the table size or shrink the chandelier - most likely shrink the light - lighting store coming to visit this week.
More to follow

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