Halo 3 inch cans are sagging

prashuFebruary 13, 2010


I'm here for help again. I installed a few Halo 3" non-IC recessed fixtures. They don't sit flush to the ceiling. So, when I install the trim there is space between the ceiling and the trim (black baffle square trim) and it looks ugly. Here is the documentation of the product:


I followed the instructions properly, but seems like there is some trick to it. Please let me know if you have any solution. Thanks for your time.



Here is a link that might be useful: Halo 3 inch non-IC recessed kit documentation

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Please provide more details. What do you mean by,"they don't sit flush to the ceiling? If the cylinder is hanging down the trim can't fix that. You may need to adjust the cylinder up.

Other issues can be that the bar hangers are not fastened securely or flex when you push up on the trims and the housing sags back down leaving a gap. To correct for this may require some tapping plus some jiggling to get the trim flush.

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