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PostvtSeptember 11, 2012

I planned my laundry room around nice double pullout hampers (2 sets) of these -- Unfortunately I didn't realize these were CLOSET depth and not CABINET depth.

I'm left with a ton of wasted space -- but I planned cabinets to fit these not the other Rev-a-shelf choices and I cannot find a way to get the 4 bins I wanted in there with the purchased items.

I have 2 24 inch wide cabinets and I want each to have 2 bins (dark/white each divided cold/warm water bins). I have suggested side by side mounting of the 11 7/8 wide ones but they aren't thinking that will work well. Has anyone tried that (in one cabinet)? Or if I could just buy baskets that size they could make a drawer base they sit in. I'm having a hard time finding something to buy that would fit in a 12 inch wide cabinet depth opening other than the whole roll out system.

OR the cabinet guy can make me a big divided drawer which would use all my space nicely - down side is nothing is removable (in my old house I never removed my removable rev-a-shelf baskets it just went straight to the washer) although w 4 bins the distance to the washer from the farthest bins might make me want them removable. That is one concern there. The other is do I really need something ventilated? They can make some holes in the large drawer if I want -- but the ventilated baskets or canvas of the purchased systems end up in a closed cabinet anyway. Does it matter? Does anyone have a solid wood hamper?

The other option would to build some sort of frame to hang canvas bags I buy or have made from. I'm not sure what exactly I need to tell him to make for this. I can look at some of the hanging bag hampers you can buy for ideas -- but curious if anyone has done this.

I also have 2 sets of these lovely hampers for sale).

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1. ventilation: good.

2. more ventilation: better

3. shortest time clothes sit in hamper (with max ventilation) : best.

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Can you exchange the Rev-A-Shelf bins you have for another Rev-A-Shelf product? We did the double bins, but we opted for the trash bins as they were larger--1 bin holds an entire load of clothes. They come in full height and under cabinet height. Here's a pic of ours...

Hope this helps!

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I just looked at your post again and noticed the measurements of the cabinets. With 2-24" cabinets to work with, you could move the divider, add an additional divider and have room for 3 of the pullouts like I have which would give you 6 bins. Or you could just go with 2-16" cabinets with double bins & have an additional cabinet for storage.

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Cabinets are built and in so not much I can do. Had I realized my mistake I would have sized for something like you have, I think we can get 2 11 3/4 units in or make a drawer to hold something, Bummer as I totally planned around these pullouts it totally missed the depth on them!! A lot I could have done if I didn't already have the two 24 inch cabinets!!

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If you are set on leaving the cabinet boxes as-is, what about a 24" single door full height pull like I have? I think you could get 2 cans placed side by side perpendicular to the door & 1 can placed in there parallel to the door.

Another option would be to put a single jumbo size hamper in each one with a 24" door.

Yet another, would be to do like you suggested and turn the can perpendicular to to the door--1 in each side of the cabinet should work. Maybe you could put a smaller can in too for delicates or things that need pretreating.

I measured, and my cans are 14-7/8" x 10-1/2". As far as structure, my DM has her trashcans set up the same as mine, but the cans fit in a "drawer" built into the bottom of the slide. A few months back, Lowe's had some metal hamper sliding "drawers" that would work to set a bin into on clearance. That may be worth checking out.

Hope this helps!

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Here's a $40 fix for you from Rev-A-Shelf with 2 backets set side by side perpendicular to the door front...

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