Want to read with under cabinet light - suggestion please

ginjjFebruary 6, 2012

I would like to put in one under-cabinet light to shine on part of my kitchen counter bright enough for me to sort mail and do a bit of brief reading while standing up.

The light could be as long as 32". The plug will need to be on the right end as there is an outlet right there. I would need to hire an electrician $$$ if I went into the wall.

I've looked a bit at Home Depot and brought one home but it was not bright enough.



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eW Profile from Philips works just fine and can be configured to plugged into a wall socket.

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I've included a link on the parts for the eW Profile.
Some simple DIY assembly would be required.

If cost is a concern, a t5 fluorescent could also be used.

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I was hoping to be able to buy something all ready to go, just screw it into the cabinet bottom and plug in. Is this unit worth the extra work?

I do want something that will provide the light I want and be comfortable on my eyes.

If this is simple to assemble I guess I could find someone to help me with it.

Would I buy the components online or can I buy them through a lighting store?


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Yes, that will provide the light, and yes it is simple to assemble.

Parts required
21" eW Profile LED bar (4000k)

eW Profile Switched wiring compartment
eW Profile leader cable 10'

I've included a link to a site that sells the light

For the T4 fluorescent,
Some assembly is also required

Here is a link that might be useful: Online source for ew Powercore

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One more question if you don't mind.

I'm surprised by the price but then I haven't done much shopping. The unit I brought home from Home Depot was long enough but the cord was on the wrong end and since I didn't install it I'm not sure about how I would like the light.

Can you tell me why this is so much more than the HD variety which was $30 I think.

Thanks again,

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The eW Profile has a much higher output than anything available from HD/ Lowes/...

The light is dimmable and extremely low profile given the output and that it uses 120V AC.

The lower cost alternative as I provided above is t4 fluorescent fixtures.

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The NEC does not allow permanently installed lighting to be on the kitchen counter circuits, plugged in or hard wired.

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Why is it against NEC code? Fire danger? If I can plug in my Vitamix and radio and iphone into wall outlets is a light that different?


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The kitchen counter receptacles are on a pair of 20 amp 'small appliance' circuits.

You can plug in all the portable appliances you want, and themn when the breaker trips when the toaster comes on you can unplug them.

They are portable and thus considered temporary.

A permanently installed light (even if word and plug connected) is no longer a portable device.

It is about making sure the circuits do not get loaded down with permanent items that will then cause overloads when the typical high power items are used.

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It sounds like I would be better off using a goose neck lamp or some type of small lamp to supply the light only when I need it?

If I decided to go with the under counter light I imagine if I use an electrician it would be safe?


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It is probably best to use a cheap temporary solution first, while you assess the possibilities.

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Thanks for all your help with this. I learned a lot!

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