Anyone using par38 LED's in the kitchen?

cruzmislFebruary 17, 2011

Hi All,

I tried a few of the feit Par 38 LED's available from HD. They light up instantly, are quiet and have great color and brightness. Only thing I find is the light is so concentrated that the counter below the light is great, I could do surgery there is so much light. Trouble is the diffuse light common with a par30 standard light or CFL doesn't seem to be there. Also I get quite a shadow under the upper cabinet despite my xenon undercabinet lighting. I don't know what the beam spread of the bulbs are but I really like them otherwise. Any ideas or opinions?



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Recessed cans are already directional lighting devices with no indirect component. Add to that the fact that LEDs are by nature directional, and you have what you see.

If CFs give a beamspread that you find satisfactory, that would be the way to go.

Alternatively, you might install one or two good quality linear-lamp fluorescent fixture(s) in the middle of the ceiling, to provide better general room lighting. That way you could use the LEDeified cans for what they're good at - accent lights.

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There are LED bulbs out there that have a beam spread like a flood light. You may have purchased a spot light. Here is a website I've been looking to buy some bulbs from. Scroll down and you will see some of these bulbs have as little as 25 degree beam but some have 100-120 degree beam (flood)

Here is a link that might be useful: LED bulbs

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Thanks! Anyone know what the beam spread is for an average CFL flood so I can purchase accordingly?

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The average beam spread on an R40 or PAR38 CFL flood is 35-40 degrees.

Sharp makes a really nice PAR38 LED with a 25 degree beam spread.

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