dont buy Samsung - unless you want to hang your laundry

cocogrovemomSeptember 28, 2011

I bought a Samsung washer and dryer in March. Now 6 months later the dryer bangs and doesn't spin. It probably needs a belt. Unfortunately having spent 3 days on the phone with Samsung I can't get anyone out to service it. Their method is to send a message to a potential vendor who then calls me to assess the problem. So far 3 vendors later I still have no one to fix the machine. This is totally ridiculous. My best offer so far has been week after next. When pressed the service company I have used before admitted they don't take warranty work from Samsung because they "nickel and dime" them.

With a busy household with 2 small children going weeks without a dryer is a disaster. Samsung acts like they are doing me a favor by responding faster than their 2 day turnaround time. That would be 2 days to get back to me with a date 2 weeks from now. Terrible service...

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Maybe pay for the repair yourself to get things back to normal. Raise hell for repayment starting with repair bill copies in a registered letter to the CEO of Samsung USA and the dealer who sold you the set likely knowing that service would be inadequate.

You might also want to add your complaint to those on the linked site. It seems Samsung likes to think of the warranty allowance built into their products as "their" money when it comes to repairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: More complaints

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That's just terrible, I'm so sorry for your troubles. I called Miele to help diagnose some noise coming out of my dryer. I called Miele service and described my problem, and within an hour I received a return call with an appointment one week in the future (this was not an emergency situation). All covered under the 2 year extended warranty. The service man is telling me I need a new "felt seal" and he just grabbed one from his truck.

People often don't think of service issues when buying machines. This type of information is very important. Whether you pay $1,000, $2,000 or $4,000 for your machines, you still want competent service and quick turnaround when you can't do laundry.

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Why not try and call Sears Service or 1800-geeksquad and see if they take care of the machine under the manufactures warranty... Calling the manufacturer can be a thorn in the flesh at times although I have to admit LG was very prompt at getting back to me when Best Buy had them get involved due to problem they could not figure out... Ended up being a misprint in the manual... Anyway, just a suggestion.


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I had a brand new Maytag French door refrigerator that quit. Could not get Whirlpool, who had just bought Maytag, to come out in a reasonable time and look at it. Was wanting to send some one out the next week. Exactly what were we suppose to do for a fridge in the meantime? So I called someone else. He did something with sending a code through the panel on the front and it started working. What was irritating was the Whirlpool people could have had me do this and at least I would have had a working fridge until the repairman arrived. It ended up being the mother board that had gotten hot enough that it was scorched. Whirlpool would not pay for the repair. If it had burned my house down there would have been more than the repair bill to pay. When I talked to Whirlpool their customer service was just atrocious. Like you, they lost a customer. I will never buy a Whirlpool made product.

I just wanted to sympathize with your plight. That is also the reason I don't buy service warranties. If it breaks I don't want to be at the mercy of whomever is administering the warranty contract.

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