Samsung or Maytag?

legomom23September 26, 2012

Is one definitely better than the other?

We are buying a new W/D set and would like to get it from our local neighborhood dealer. They have been a Maytag dealer forever - in fact our current set was purchased 25 years ago from them! And is still going strong:)

They also sell Samsung, but are not yet an authorized warranty repair shop. But I think they will be soon, and there is one within 20 minutes of us.

We have had such great luck with our current Maytag, but I am leaning toward the Samsung.

We really want to buy from them - any advice on these two brands?

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old maytags were fabulous. More recent ones are CRAP.

I've got a Samsung 520. biggest complaint is there is no ACTUAL hot water during the NORMAL cycle. Other than that, it does what you select and it gets clothes VERY CLEAN.

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I have two friends that both have recently purchased Samsung Top Load HE machines and are very well pleased with them. One of them in fact had a 30 year old Maytag that had never had a repair,but their house burned, otherwise she would still be using the Maytag. I am sure the front load Samsungs are great as well.

I would keep the Maytags, they are good for another 10 years or more.

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Whirlpool Corp. bought Maytag some years ago. So the Maytag you buy today will be a Whirlpool product.

I currently have a basic (now discontinued) Samsung that has been working since 2009. Replaced a Maytag Neptune FL that was worn out. Also have purchased other Samsung products. This spring I purchased their 800 series dishwasher and am very happy with just how quiet it is. The Samsung replaced a noisy, overpriced, Kitchenaid Superba, which is another Whirlpool product.

Years ago I purchased the just released new model, Maytag H2O french door refrigerator. Basically just a few days after it was a year old the circuit board in the back goes out. What was bad was it had an electrical issue and was quite black. Luckily there was a metal plate over it so it didn't catch the house on fire. (Refrigerator sets back inside cabinets.) Whirlpool had just bought out Maytag and to make a long story short their customer service was beyond rude. Since that time I have avoided Whirlpool like the plague.

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Like @dave1812 said, the new Maytags are nothing like the old ones. Samsung seem to be a good brand. Be sure that whatever you get, it has an internal HOT water heater. Otherwise, your "hot" might be 100 degrees F.

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Just bought a Samsung top loader and I really like it alot. Maytags are not good.

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You have to take what you hear and read with a grain (or two) of salt.

I have had great success with Maytag Bravos -- it's a great washer. The benefits are numerous:

~ huge load capacity
~ can use heater on virtually every cycle (soak cycle is only exception I can think of)
~ has SS tub
~ is very well-built with commercial parts
~ has a great warranty
~ gets my laundry CLEAN

When I was researching washers before I bought one, I specifically looked up Maytag Bravos reviews at websites like Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe's. The positive reviews FAR outnumbered the rest.

OT, but my Maytag stove is the BEST stove I've ever had. Ditto for the washer.

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Why replace the old Maytags when they are "still going strong"? Nothing cleans better than the older machines. So many people post their many problems and dissatisfaction with their newer machines.

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I meant to add earlier that I was really glad that my Maytag washer was built in the USA. I like knowing that I'm helping our economy.

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Our son just purchased a new Samsung washer and dryer, BUT even the big box store employee told him that Samsung still has a long way to go regarding service, although Samsung is getting better about it. The employee told him LG is by far better than Samsung when it comes to getting service. He does like the washer and dryer.

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