counter height for crafting in the laundry room

casey3September 4, 2011

Hi there,

We are remodeling our laundry room. It will be a space for laundry and crafts. It's a long narrow space that's about 6ft x 17ft. In the photo below, the first opening on the left will have a door and be a broom closet, then the utility sink, then the washer and dryer, and then possiby a craft storage cabinet + counter, then our fridge. The washer/dryer are both pretty tall and with counter top it will be over 40 inches tall from the utility sink to the end of the dryer.

So, a few questions for anyone who might have a better perspective on these things than I do!

1. Would it work add an extra 24 inch or 36 in cabinet to the right of the dryer and before the fridge for crafts? The 41 inch counter height would be too tall for working, though. So would a stool next to it be good, or would you bring the counter height down for that cabinet? Would that look funny or be costly for it to look finished?

2. As far as uppers, we were thinking of putting two 18 inch high cabinets (one 36 inches wide, 18 inches high, and 12 deep)and another that is 18 inches wide) to fit under the sofet and above the washer dryer. Would that be good enough storage for laundry supplies? Then I could do some sort of open shelving above the craft cabinet.

Thanks so much for your input!

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My opinion - If you plan on living in the house for a very long time, you can do what works best for you. If you think you'll ever sell it, be warned that customizing it too much can hurt the resale. If the house will be sold in the future, the bottom of the cabinet you install should be 52" up from the floor. That's the clearance we have and it gives my W/D one inch of wiggle room.

We spent a small fortune remodeling our laundry room this year, before we bought front-load W/D and matching pedestals. I have to have the pedestals due to a bad lower back since I was 30 y/o. If I were buying a house and it was a toss-up between one I had to spend $$$$ on to remodel for my W/D or one that requires no changes, I'll take the path of least resistance. JMO

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