UCL finally installed - for those interested

mountaineergirlFebruary 27, 2011

I thought I posted this last night, but it's not showing up anywhere, and I didn't check to see if it did before going to bed, so here it goes again :)

We installed LED light bars from environmentallights.com. We got their "older" version, not the new high brightness ones that are much higher. We did get these at a discount because they are phasing these out. It would have cost twice as much for 15-20% brighter lights - something we couldn't rationalize. The power supply, lights bars, dimmers and interconnect items were roughly $500. As you know, LED should last 10 years, but who knows about the electronics inside the lights? so we bought a little extra in case a bar goes bad.

The lights look way more bluish in the pics than in real life. We purchased the "neutral white" (4000K) and in hind sight I think the "soft white" (3000K) may have been better. The reason I chose the neutral white was because of the lumens, and I wanted to make sure they were bright enough. No worries! they are plenty bright, and I love the dimming capability.

So here are the pics

again, I took these with my iphone, so not quality photos. The lights are a really nice white light. AND we highly recommend environmentallights.com Dealt with a guy named Bruce. They are extremely helpful.

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Your install looks really nice.

as info, last week I saw ucl light bars at Sams (good price!!).


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Looks good! Enjoy!!

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I wanted to post additional pictures taken with a better camera that doesn't make the lighting look so blue. This is the first time I have ever had UCL and let me just say I think its the best invention EVER! LOL especially for those of us over 50 whose eyesight isn't what it once was...

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back to page 1 with you!

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Mountaingirl, which model did you get?

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I used the regular ones, not the "High Brightness" ones, which were quite a bit more $$ and I am really happy with these. I seriously think the High Brightness ones would be overkill for UCL. You could dim them but why pay for more brightness just to dim them? I dim the ones I have at night.

Someone on another thread claimed their LED lights lost their brightness after 6 months. I would be so upset if that happens, after paying nearly $500! But I thought it possibly had to do with their power supply going bad, I don't know tho.

Here's the link again to the lights I have...

Here is a link that might be useful: My UCL lights

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