GU10 +C base, what is the +C ?

wildboarFebruary 2, 2010

Kenmore Elite (Broan) range hood with 4 x 50watt MR16 GU10+C bulbs.

We were running it off 3 bulbs since one had burned out, gently. I push the control to go all the way to 3rd level, 50 watt brightness, and another bulb blows, bright flash, the whole unit shuts down, silence.

I go flip the breaker and it comes back on, fan works fine, but now the lights won't go off. Control module now has a shorted light circuit, fused, on permanently, according to the Broan tech I spoke with. No fixing the control module.

Now, I'm having trouble finding what the GU10 +C base of the bulbs is, exactly. I find only one reference to a -C base having a built in fuse so that a violent blowout like that won't trip the breaker. Obviously this did not happen for me and a simple bulb burning out has now turned into a terrifying possibility of a $100 control module if/everytime it shorts again like that.

So, can someone clarify is there a GU10-C that would have saved my control unit, as opposed to just picking up some regular GU10 Sylvania or GE's at the store?


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Traditionally in the commercial or entertainment lamp industry, a notation of +C on a GU10 simply refers to plus cover. Often an additional glass will be over the lamp for color, safety or emmissions control. That in and of itself would not have had any effect on your lamp blowing issue. GU10's are 120v lamps not low voltage MR16s, if that helps. Tony

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Thanks for the help, that clears it all up for me. Sounds like I should be able to just pick up some decent brand name lights and that's about as good as I can hope for with this range hood.

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