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ILoveRedSeptember 8, 2013

Dh and I will be renting a house we purchased from Mils estate to our dd and two girlfriends. They are responsible adults, but I suspect the washer and dryer will be going constantly.

We have to replace the washer and dryer.

Please give me your advice on the following models and prices.

The research here seems to indicate that Speed Queen is a good choice..

We are also replacing kitchen appliances..thus the package price.


Speed Queen Washer:
- model AWN412
- Regular Price $769.00 - Package Price $685.00

Speed Queen Gas Dryer:
- model ADG3LR
- Regular Price $729.00 - Package Price $629.00

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We own the Speed Queen AWN542 washer and ADG4BR dryer. I believe they are essentially the same internally as the models you are considering, only with a few more features.

We're very happy with our SQ appliances. They just work and they work very well. I think they'll work well for your application.

Even though the tub capacity is a bit less than the largest top load models, we've found it powers through piles of laundry just fine because of the relatively quick standard wash cycle.

I'd caution new users not to attempt to overload it. The agitator has a nice long 210-degree stroke and it's very effective at turning the clothes over in the water as long as the clothes have room to move. It's gentle on clothes because of the long water displacing stroke. The clothes will touch the agitator, of course, but only when overloaded will they get beaten by it.

We've had the best results by measuring the detergent carefully for an accurate dose. In our water, 2 oz. of Tide powder (non-HE) does a great job for a standard full load and rinses very well. Deep fill top loaders shine at rinse performance, but why push it. The wash load doesn't get any cleaner by overdosing the detergent and it's less economical.

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Thank you!

I went ahead and ordered these. Glad to get the positive review. I think I will make a sign with 2 bullet points, laminate it and hang it above the machine (based on your advice).

1. Do not overfill the washer! It will ruin your clothes.

2. Do not use too much soap! It will make your clothes itchy.

Thanks again.

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Glad to read this. I chose SQ w/d for our new house because they seemed very substantial and I don't need a lot of "bells and whistles". Our Builder rolled his eyes when I gave him the specs because "who thought Speed Queen was still even around?", but he is used to his other clients buying the fancy LG, Samsung, etc. products. Also funny, he said
"white? toploader? really??" Yep, really. :)

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From what I understand SQ are the only company making reasonably priced washers/dryers that aren't total junk. Everyone else is making disposable machines that fail after 3 years and cost more to repare than replace. I don't know if this is planned obsolescence or just crappy manufacturing. FYI to any aspiring appliance manufacturers: there is a HUGE market for quality goods with lifetime guarantees. I would pay way more for something built to last. Sadly, even Miele (top of the line) only offers 1 year warranties on their $$$ washers.

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Bought model awn432 last march and have been well pleased in 6 months. Strong wash action and rock steady spin. Have not had one out of balanced load yet. All the classic belt drive washer sounds I find relaxing. Reminds me a little of old wp/km washers from my youth.

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Love love love my SQ washer I have at home. We also have about 10 we use in our business that go at least 12 hours a day 5 days a week. All trouble free. My current dryer is going out will be replacing it with SQ. We use front loaders occasionally in rental condos and last week I pretreated a spot with detergent not thinking and the detergent left a spot. It came out at home with the SQ. It is a top of the line front loader.

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i just got the 432 last week and so far so good, except for a potential tear in a queen matress pad. I washed on extra large so not sure that it was from the actual washer or just coincidence. Also, i wouldn't recommend this washer for a living floor as it is definitely louder than our prior late 80s mid 90s washers, but noise really isn't a concern for me since it is in the basement.

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My machines are in a basement also and I don't find the washer obtrusive even when I am next to it while it is running. Now my old Norge, that thing made a racket, but could wash very well. Those were powerful washers, and so is this speed queen.

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I have the AWN 542. I think you will be most happy with this machine.

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I do not own a Speed Queen top load washer, but I saw a video on YouTube that showed that the machine starts the spin movement at about the same time that it starts draining. Also, the spin speed builds up very gradually. With these two operating features I imagine the clothing gets to loose a good deal of water weight before the machine reaches full speed spin, so if there are any imbalances, they likely to be have less of an effect at the higher RPM's than with a top loader that drains first, and then tries to reach full spin speed as quickly as possible while the clothing is still has a lot heavy water content.

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From my observations of the machine spinning it does drain quickly while spinning. Powerful pump and motor. Took the front panel off to see inside. This thing is old school HEAVY DUTY, not "commercial technology" like my old brand of washer. What a joke.

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I've used Speed Queen for many years. We even had the commercial appliances (what they used in laundromats). They couldn't be beat. When I couldn't locate a place that sold them, I ended up with Sears Kenmore Elite and that was a joke, which is why I got an extended warranty, just knowing we'd have to use it. I'd go back to Speed Queen in a minute.

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@ SensitiveK if you are willing to go online, http://www.us-appliance.com/awn542.html among others sells with delivery. I cannot say what the delivery charge would be, but don't let lack of local dealer deter you from acquiring one of these find machines.

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@SQUWN542, thanks. This is very helpful. Iwill look into it.

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This has been really helpful, thanks to all. Now I need to see if I can find a local dealer here (first)!

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Try the Alliance Laundry website, it may have a local retailer/distributor locator to assist you. Another way is google Speed Queen and your general area, it might lead you to a local retailer.

Speed Queens are not sold at big retailers like Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, Menards, Best Buy, instead only at small independent retailers. Sometimes called Mom and Pop retailers.

As for out of balance performance, Speed Queen may be one of the best. It's suspension is pivoting and translating at the base, so the center of gyration may be at the middle of the tub or 20 feet below the floor at any given time. The steel wash basket and water containment vessel give it a high mass moment of inertia that allows it to take more out of balance with less excursion of the wash basket, thus less net vibration. It may have a lid switch but the out of balance switch I think was removed back in 1995.

It's way better than the old school GE and Maytags from the 80s.


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