whirlpool washer not completing cycles

dubluvSeptember 20, 2011

my whirlpool estate clothes washer is not completing teh wash cycles. i hear a buzzing coming from the panel behind the controls. i can lift the knob, and turn it a few clicks and it will resume. i don't want to assume its a faulty control,but if it is, what does it cost and can it be the problem? it complete 80% of the cycle, ususally stopping during the rinse.

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Specific model number of the machine, please.

Although "Rinse" may be a labeled span on the timer between "Wash" and "Spin," the machine performs several different functions during the rinse period -- 1) drains the wash waters, 2) spins for a bit to further extract the soapy water, 3) stops spinning and fills to the selected water level, 4) agitates for a couple mins, 5) drains the rinse water -- then moves to the final spin period.

When it stops running and you manually advance the timer, what function commences when it begins to run again, and at what point on the timer markings? Does it then finish the cycle to Off? Or does it stop again and you must manually advance again?

Could be the lid switch at fault, or the timer, or something else depending on the *details* of what's happening.

Buzzing from the panel could be the timer motor, or the water valves (although they're not actually in the panel, the humming sound from them can seem to come from there).

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where is the model number located? btw, thanx for all the info, i will provide more info along with the model number asap.

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Model/serial tag should be at back of the loading port, under/behind the bottom edge of the lid.

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model taws700eq2
my wife is now saying the machine only works if 'hot' water is chosen, otherwise the machine doesn't complete cycles. for some reason, i've added to this thread, but it doesn't show up. i actualy had reported a similar problem last year, and said we'd just keep using it despite the intermitent problems. now its more specific, and w/o cold water the machine is not as useful. dadoes, do you think its the cold water fill valve, and if so, is it an easy part to replace? not sure what else i can add to this

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i should add that the machine doesn't allow water to ENTER when anything other than HOT is chosen. the buzzing and incomplete cycling is during this time.

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Rinse is typically cold water, so that explains why progress comes to a halt, I assume at rinse fill. Cold also doesn't run for wash? Warm is a combination of hot and cold (both valves activated), so water should run on a warm wash fill, but it'll be hot. Same if there's a warm rinse choice.

Start the troubleshooting by checking the water valves. Could be the cold valve is clogged if the hum you hear means it's activating. If not and you don't have a volt/ohm meter to test the solenoids, try swapping the wires. If cold runs and no hot, then the valve assembly is bad. If not the valve, then possibly the temp switch. Or the timer. You can set the machine to fill with the cabinet off, check for voltage at the valve solenoids. The valve assembly is Part Number 285805. SearsPartsDirect.com lists $29.19. PartsTap.com $19.03. Check other sources as well.

Access to the valve is by removing the outer cabinet from the front ... the machine's rear panel does not open. Look for screws at bottom front of the console endcaps. Remove the screws (they're long), pull the console slightly forward then raise it up (hinged at the upper rear corners). Disconnect the lid switch wiring plug where it goes through the top. Remove the two brass colored clips that anchor the cabinet to the rear panel. Tilt the cabinet forward and lift it off the base. You can find videos on YouTube showing how to do this.

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Dadoes, just wanted to update what's happened (thanx for taking the time to provide such great, detailed info). I checked the cold water flow, and it wasn't blocked. however, the solenoid for the cold water wasn't allowing cold water in. i switched the hot water plug to the cold water and it still didn't work. however, after switching the power from the cold to the hot, i must have disturbed whatever is inside the plug, because the hum stopped and it immediately allowed cold water to flow. so, not really sure what happened, but bottom line, both hot and cold water are dispensed properly. if i disturbed the connection, maybe that enabled it to make proper contact for the solenoid to operate. at least at this point, i know where to look, how to check it, and if it fails again, i know exactly what to order and how to replace it. couldn't have done it without your help

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