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gminksSeptember 5, 2011

Do not buy Asko wl6511xxlw! Every year we have owned this washer it has required repair. Sometimes two repairs a year have been required. Yes it's all been under warranty. That does not make up for the time it's out of service waiting on parts and the repair. We believe the appliance is a lemon and have sent the complete service record to Asko Appliances,Inc. as they asked. Noting, nada, zip. I feel suckered having bought into the "20 year life expectancy" hype. Learn from our mistake. Don't buy this washer. Don't buy Asko dryer tl751xxlw either. It's loud and has required repair within two years of service.

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It's possible your machine is an aberrant lemon, and not typical of other ones of the same model, or manufacture.

My Asko washer is still chugging along after more than 18 years of service.

Hope your washing machine troubles work out.


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@ gminks

The problem is that you bought a model that is not manufactured by Asko. The XXL model is made by Daewoo - in Korea I think. This unit is simply rebadged by Asko for the US market. It was not designed by Asko and is not built to their normally high Swedish standards. I spent a few minutes researching this machine last year and came up with plenty of negative opinions to steer clear. The fact that it's not designed or manufactured by Asko is all I need to know.

If you had a real Asko machine, like their 6kg models, you would have been very satisfied. I had one such Asko set for almost 8 years and loved them, but sold them for the added capacity of the Miele W4842. I don't think the machine you bought is a lemon, it's just built to the same standards as any other Asian washer.

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sshrivastava posted:

"I don't think the machine you bought is a lemon, it's just built to the same standards as any other Asian washer."

What? A lot of folks have Samsung or LG machines and do not have any problems and\or problems of this magnitude. Spare us the sweeping judgements based on your personal bias.

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@sshrivastava, a little harsh and probably not accurate.

As @carryscott says, many (MANY) people happy with their LGs and Samsungs. I personally know several people with LG machines who are very happy and haven't had issues is close to 5 years (so far).

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@ caryscott and livebetter

We are all entitled to opinions here - after all, without opinions we would have nothing to discuss. It is my opinion that Asian made washing machines are not built to the same standards as Asko and Miele. How is that not a fair statement? I wish someone would just show me where LG, Samsung, Daewoo and whoever else puts an emphasis on quality - not just in design and manufacturing, but also in promoting quality in their marketing. For Asian machine makers, it's more about bling and gimmicky "features" (eco bubble?) than making a quality, lasting machine.

Of the hundreds of posts and articles I've read, whenever I read an account of a machine's premature demise, it's hardly ever an Asko or a Miele. I will concede that there are far more LGs, Samsungs, Whirlpools and Maytags in use than Askos and Mieles, and the evidence is at best anecdotal, but everyone I know who has a Miele has been satisfied for 10 years or more. With other machines you hear about major failure in the first 3-5 years.

If I'm wrong, hopefully someone can change my mind. It's just my opinion, nothing more.

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I wish I had known this when bought this model a couple years ago during a remodeling. I thought it was made in sweden. Didn't use it right away, but when we did found it traveled a little. Now it vibrates so much can hear it on other side of the house and now tthe only thing that stops it from travelling into the next room is door and having double bolted the water connector to the wall (machine ripped it out twice). The machine rests on the asko drawer but have been told by service men that the asko drawer does not affect it. Been told we should reinforce the floor to prevent travelling. This laundry room has sufficed without all this falderal for over 60 years with top loaders and never any problems. Service man recently siliconed the feet! But machine travelled more than ever and the silicone damaged the floor finish. And now it vibrates and travels further! Solutions? (besides hanging asko and the dealer?!)

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