Trim Rings around Recessed Lighting..Do they come off??

netshoundFebruary 24, 2007

OK...I'm new at this so don't laugh!! I need to paint my kitchen ceiling and we have recessed lighting. Do the white trim rings come off and if Is it easy to do? Thanks!!

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The ring is generally permanently attatched to the cone that goes up into the can, and the whole assembly can be removed. A wide variety of mechanisms are used to hold the trims in place. Some are held in place by springs that push out against the sides of the can itself. Some have toothed springs that bite into the soft metal of the can and make them a bit harder to remove. Others have wire clips that extend up into slots in the sides of the can (pull down and squeeze clips to release) while still others can be disengaged by twisting them one way or another. Some can be removed while the bulbs are in place, and some can't. You'll just have to play around a bit to figure out how yours work.

It occurs to me that some very inexpensive cans have their trim rings built into the can itself; in that case, you might be able pull the whole fixture down enough to paint around it.

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Oh Boy!! Maybe it's better for me to just tape around them! :) I'm not very handy but I am trying to be. My husband is not handy at all unless it's working on his car so I figure one of us should be when it comes to this stuff :)!! Thanks for the info. I'll try and see what type I have and go from there. I just don't want to ruin them since they are brand new!! Thanks again.

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