need led uc light alternative to philips ew profile powercore

kaysdFebruary 4, 2013

Based on information posted here, I really wanted to use the Philips eW Profile Powercore LED UC lights, but the available sizes (9.3" or 19.3") don't work well for us. I also considered the really expensive Unilume fixtures, but the 13" and 19" options still aren't great. 2 of my uppers have 26.5" of open space between the sides of the cabinets and the other 2 have 16.5". (The cabinets are not connected to each other, so notching the sides of the cabinets for a longer run of lights isn't an option.)

We can't use recessed cans in this kitchen (wood ceiling with no attic above), so the UC lights are an important light source in the lighting plan. I want high lumens, 3000K, CRI 85+ and prefer not to see a line of "dots" reflected on the counters.

My designer suggested Rayser by Lithonia Lighting (12" and 24"). Is Rayzer a good substitute for Philips eW? Are there any other brands you would recommend?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rayser

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The last poster on the UCL DIY thread continuation had an interesting light

Here is a link that might be useful: driverless LED

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Those do look interesting. I like the idea of not needing multiple drivers, but they are only cuttable every 19.68" so they would not fit under my smaller uppers. It also looks like they plug in, and my electrician left wire coming out of the wall at all 4 locatiosn so they can be hard wired.

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Another way to solve the problem is by staggering light strips or using some other arrangement that does not have the lights lined up in a straight line.

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