Undercabinet lighting -- microfluorescent?

borchertFebruary 8, 2009

During a kitchen remodel, I am in need of under cabinet lighting. The front lip of my cabinets is 1.25". The length to cover is around 53" for each side. I am looking for accent lighting but also enough light to assist with chopping, etc. I really like the LED strips from EnvironmentalLights, but they cost too much for me.

What do you think of microfluorescent lights like from Pegasus? The T4 grounded version is 1.25" tall and comes in a variety of lengths. What other options are out there for small fixtures that hide under cabinets?




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Fluorescent lights are the mainstay of undercabinet lighting and are better than incandescent ropes. The Pegasus fixtures are a great option. When mounting, make sure you leave enough clearance to change the bulbs and clean them. You may also want to cut away the cabinet lower edges to make it possible to mount fixtures continuously in each run of cabinets. Pay attention to the color of the lamp. Colors available include warm (3000K), cool (4100K) or daylight (6400). Warm works best with woods and natural counter materials. Daylight gives more accurate colors of foods. Cool is a compromise but it may seem brighter.

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We also had considered many different brands of undercabinet lighting for our remodel. I didn't want to purchase an item that I couldn't see in person, so I ended up taking the easy route and installed hard wired GE Premium (green box) T5 fixtures (48", 36" and 23"(?)) from Home Depot. Our light trim is also 1.25" and the fixtures are well hidden. There is a different GE line, blue box--I think also called Premium which can either be plugged into a grounded outlet or hardwired with a small hardwire box (like the Pegasus in your link) although the profile may differ.

We are very pleased with the GE fixtures. Hope this helps.

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We are using LED strips. These are professional grade (expensive) - not the cheap ones from box stores. They are extremely efficient and dimmable (with DMX512 dimming control).

The strips are barely 3/8" high, so a piece of trim will hide them. We are in CA, with Title 24 and power constraints.

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dasncinsams - do you have the model number of your LED strips, and an online dealer who may carry them? Would you call their light color warm or cool?

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I would like to suggest Xenon lights for undercabinets. When picking out lights there was a big difference in the quality of lights and xenon gave us just what we wanted. Compare and see for yourself.

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We just bought Xenon lighting for under our cabinets and I can't wait to see what they look like. They aren't the plug in type so I can't test them...we have to wait for them to be hard wired.

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Sorry for the delay - it's been crazy here.

Our LED lights are by LEDTronics. The lights are available in both cool and warm temps. I prefer warm, so that will be the kitchen. My husband likes the cool color for his office.

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Mississippirose ~ I am now just beginning to shop for undercabinet lights and one store told me to stay away from fluorescents because they are being phased out. But he likes Xenon. Could you tell me what brand you went with and how expensive were they

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I'm looking for under cab lights too. I tried holding a thin flourescent light under the cab and it reflected too much on the granite counter top. I could see the light and the underside of the cabinet -- it would be distracting while preparing food.

Any suggestions for a light that wouldn't cause so much glare?

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