Resizing A Pendant Light

cottageandcreekFebruary 22, 2011

Hi all,

I'd like to purchase a Hudson Valley schoolhouse pendant for over my sink and I'm wondering how easy it is to size it correctly when it's the kind with the solid pole stem. It states it's 66-1/2" in length by 7-1/2" wide. It must come in section, though the website doesn't state that nor does the actual Hudson Valley site state that it comes in sections, like some of the stem-type pendants do. Is it as simple as cutting the stem with a hack saw? Or do you just configure it according to whatever pieces come with it? I read the light should be hung 40-inches above the kitchen prep space. Does that seem good? Thanks for your help.

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"It states it's 66-1/2" in length by 7-1/2" wide. "

The pole?

That is huge. The "7-1/2" wide" must be the globe of the fixture.

The pole is actually electrical conduit with a decorative finish.
Depending on what method is available to make joints (threaded fittings or clamps) you may be able to just cut it down as needed, or you may need to be able to cut threads after cutting it down.

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It's likely a thin wall pipe and not solid so a hacksaw should easily cut it to length. Read the directions and determine how how the pieces will fit together after you make a cut. Measure accurately because you don't want to piece things back together. I would gauge the height by how much headroom is needed, other available lighting and what you want to light.

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