Not applying permit, GU base or Edison base LED light?

janesylviaFebruary 20, 2013

I am living in California. For LED recessed light, GU24 base is required in order to be in compliance with Title 24.

I'd like to have recessed LED lights installed in living room and family room, where there are no lights right now. If I or contractor don't apply for permit, is it better to go for Edison base or GU24 base?

Thank you very much.

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Edison is cheaper, and provides more alternatives in lights, now and later.

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Thank you very much, attofara. So GU24 would not be the trend? For Cree CR6 800L, both bases have the same price. But the Edison base lights were sold out on polar-ray and new stock would be expected on 3/28, which would be too late.

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GU24 would gain traction over time, but the E26 base would remain in use for a very long time.

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Thank you very much, David.

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