Do I have Proper Lighting???

firstimegcFebruary 13, 2010

Ok well I have been using these forums for months now for advice on our home. I Finally decided to sign up because I have to ask this question.

First of all I'm 28 years old newly married and I Have been living at home since college. Fortunately my wife agreed to sell her 1st house of 3 years and move "home" with me so we could save to built.

So now we are building and now I am a 28 year old General Contractor (not by trade). I am actually learning about how to build a house as I go. Let me tell you, GC'n your own home with having a full time job is like having two full time jobs.

Anyways were trying to save money so this is how we decided to do it.

So to my question. Sorry about the dissertation. My Kitchen, right now its all studs as we are doing the electrical. It's basically one huge open floor plan with the kitchen, great room and dining room with the kitchen being separated by a wall from the great room. The wall however only goes 9 ft high and this one big room is vaulted from 9 ft to 14ft in the center. The kitchen itself is approximately 12X12 with a 69" penninsula extending past the 9ft wall at a 45 degree angle.

Right now I have 4 Halo 6 inch recessed cans spaced out evenly in the 4 corners of the kitchen about 3" off from where the countertop would be. I have 3 pendant hanging lights over the penninsula and one over the sink. I plan on putting in over the cabinet lighting and under the cabinet lighting though I am not sure what to use yet.

Is my lighting plans good enough or will i find that I wished i put in more recessed lights? The cans are H7ICT's and I think we will be using 65w or CLF equivalents with eyeball trims. The lights are mounted on the vaulted ceiling so two of them are actually lower that the other two.

I know it is hard to explain so I will try to attach a picture with this post.

I am not a designer by any means I just looking for some advice. Sorry about the long post and spelling errors!

If you need more info let me know and I will provide what i can.

If you can tell me how I add pictures I will add the schematics of the layout



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