Oxygen Bleaches

iasheffSeptember 18, 2007

I tried to run a search but I wasn't able to find anything on this...

Is there a big difference between the different brands of oxygen cleaners? I see Oxyclean on the shelves with Sun Oxygen Cleaner right next to it at less than half the price. Is there much difference in the cleaning ability of different brands? I don't want to buy the cheaper brand if it isn't going to work as well but if it does the job, I am all for saving some money!


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Some of the other brands are a lot filler and less cleaner.
The best one is Ecover-it is 100% without the filler.

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I use the Sun brand. I have never personally used the Oxy Clean brand, but I'm definitly satisfied w/ Sun. My fiance builds bridges so his clothes are filthy and I use @ least 1 scoop in each load of his clothes, so I would probably go bankrupt using Oxy Clean... LOL. If you're skeptical I would just buy one tub of each. Then you can compare & hopefully you'll see that there isn't any difference (except for price) and be able to buy Sun from now on.

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I have used Oxyclean, Shout Oxypowder and Ultra Sun. Shout Oxypowder was the best, but it has been since discontinued. Now I buy the Sun powder and find it works just as well as Oxyclean. In my opinion, just save your money and go for it.


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I used to use Oxiclean, but I now I use Sun Oxygen Cleaner and it does as good a job as Oxiclean for less money.

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I bought the Sun Oxygen Cleaner and have used it for one load... the grass stains are gone off the knees so it is working to my expectations!! $1.81 is a lot easier to pay than $6 if it is going to work as well!!


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Biokleen's Oxygen Bleach Plus claims it is 3x more concentrated -- but fails to say more concentrated than what.

Does anyone have the data on this? How does it compare to Ecover oxy?

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In looking around on the internet, I can across this website-- and it was really informative.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oxygen Bleach Research

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iasheff: thanks for your link. Very interesting article and nice that they actually listed and linked all those products. I've been using BiOKleen as my dishwasher detergent for years now and it's very effective, doesn't take much and doesn't smell up the kitchen.

Have only used borax as a bleach. With asthma I get attacks triggered by a lot of traditional commercial products. But now I see a toilet bowl cleaner listed that's based on oxygen bleach. That I'll definitely try.

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So we are suspose to find products with high concentrations of sodium percarbonate. ----

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I wish products listed the percentages on the labels... or there was an easy way of determining the concentrations....

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