gu24 vs e26 cans

poobalooFebruary 13, 2013

Hi everyone,

Wow it's neat to see this forum is all about LED these days...

We're redoing our basement ceiling with new construction cans so we have the choice of putting in gu24 or e26 cans. We live in an area that is not T24, so we do have this choice. Which would you do?

A bit about the layout... there are 2 bonus rooms (not bedrooms until we establish egress later in life) and a large TV/Game room. The ceiling is 7', so I don't want to go with 6" cans -- they'll be too big. And 4" ones are too small. But the 5" is a happy medium.

It seems to me, that there are a world more options available if I put in edison base cans, then I have the freedom to put in retrofit kits with trim attached or even a regular baffle and LED bulb.

For example a cheap dimmable LED bulb is $15 at Menards, plus $10 for the baffle means a light can run as little as $25. Or, a higher quality retrofit kit would be around $38-$46. Fine... it gives options.

gu24 seems to have only a handful of options available at HD, Menards, etc.

In the (non)bedrooms I'd want a softer light, and in the TV room a nice bright LED like the Commercial Electric 5" recessed gimball (CER5742WH) with matching Lutron Maestro dimmers so it can be bright and focused if we want to play a board game, but turn it down for TV or the Wii.

(oddly this model claims to meet T24 per the HD spec, which I find amazing as it has a screw base)

It's nice to be out of California so you have some freedom to choose - so if you did not have to put in gu24, would you?


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I'd see no reason to put in GU24 connectors unless it was required. Edison connectors are more common, and lighting that uses them is more readily available with more options, on top of being generally cheaper.

To my eyes the only purpose for GU24 connectors is to mandate compliance with new energy standards. If such compliance isn't mandated where you live there is no other reason to choose them.

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Well, thanks for that... I was wondering if gu24 is the way things will be everywhere in 10 yrs once the rest of the country catches up to California... But if the sole purpose is to mandate compliance w T24, then I'll stick w the regular base.

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