How did you choose your 2nd floor washer? (Samsung or Bosch?)

kris680September 28, 2010

OK, I'm rephrasing an earlier question - while still looking for general feedback on the Samsung and Bosch front load washers I'd also like to hear if anyone made a decision on their washer/dryer purchase because of it being on a 2nd floor. I want to replace and existing old w/d that's located in a 2nd floor laundry room (that's next to the master bedrm). Again, thanks!

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I beleive a number of posters here have had to return their Bosch machines because of vibration, whether on the first or second floor. You might try a search of the old posts and see what comes up. The way the house is built is important too, and it can be difficult to know if you will have a problem before you try it. Be sure you can return them if they are a problem.

Samsung is supposed to be good for vibration but they do seem to have other issues (I know - all brands have some issues).

Good luck with your shopping. I am almost at the 4 year mark on my Whirlpool set and have been very happy.

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I moved my laundry to the 2nd floor and did a lot of research. I ended up with a Bosch - mostly because they were tried and true, taller and bigger with the controls on top (I am 5-8) and I didn't want pedestals. I thought pedestals would make the machines vibrate more and be less stable. I got them 3 yrs ago before they offered the new water flood control - I had concerns about water damage but haven't had any issues at all. I still love my Bosch!

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Momof3kids - do you mind my asking which Bosch you selected?

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I did get a Samsung because of it's vibration control feature. I'm not on a second floor but was so afraid about problems with durability that I read about with essentially all other brands that I also installed a second subfloor of 3/4 inch thick plywood over my existing floor. I then used hardyboard with thinset under it and under the new tile I installed. That has been totally sucessful to date. My washer is about 2 years old now. I do have a lot of quibbles about Samsungs design in other ways. Sometimes get pretty frustrated with the instructions and their computr controlled energy saver water rationing expecially.

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Had trouble with other aspects of the Samsung washers (not very gentle on soft T-shirts and towels), but neither machine I have tried has had any problems with vibration (though the machine is on the ground floor).

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