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Lori BFebruary 11, 2010

We're building a new home that I would call reminiscent of the Spanish Revival homes in the 1920s/1930s. Our home designer is helping us to have a "classic" look to our home. Yellow stucco, red tile roof, sage green wood-clad windows, etc.

We like the Spanish style, but don't want to be overly "themey." We will have a lot of ORB/black fixtures, but we will have cream colored trim and cabinets.

I'm having difficulties with the lighting, and I'm hoping some of you can offer your thoughts.

DH bought a chandelier last year, that we are planning to use in the breakfast room. Glass Floral Chandelier Link

I *love* the funkiness of the chandelier, but the finish doesn't stick with the ORB look of a Spanish feel. So, I'm confused on how to tie everything together in the kitchen/breakfast area.

There's a few light fixtures that I am eyeing, but I am completely open to other ideas as well. There are so many great ones out there that make me drool, but just narrowing it down is my problem. Maybe we would do double pendants above the island. There will also be recessed lighting. Here's 2 different pendants that I find intriguing:

1) Schoolhouse Pendant

2) Pulley chandelier

Do these fixtures take me in the wrong style direction?

Here's a floor plan layout of that area, followed by a 3D sketch of the kitchen. (these are necessarily our cabinet designs, but this is the general layout)

The view looking towards the Breakfast area...there will be a built in bench underneath the windows. This is where I am envisioning the Floral Glass Chandelier (plus some additional recessed lighting)...I hope the chandelier is not too small for the area!

Thanks so much for your feedback. Please give me any of your ideas on what types of pendant/island lighting you can envision co-existing with my colorful glass chandelier, and whether or not this entire thing can keep a Spanish-period flare.

It's so extremely helpful to me! I *really* hope all my links/photos work, since I'm not very experienced at all this HTML stuff! :)

I hate to double-post in a separate forum, so I'm posting to the Lighting forum first. I debated the Kitchen forum, but I'll wait for now.

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Lori B

Sorry, I thought everything was tested with my links. The most important link of the glass chandelier was not working! Let me try this again.

Glass Floral Chandelier Link

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We just built a Tuscan farmhouse and lighting can make or break the design when you are trying to achieve authenticity or as authentic as builing codes will allow. What is the style and size/shape of the table? I like the pully lights but the schoolhouse lights don't seem to fit your goal. The sketch of your house is amazing. I would suggest consulting with a lighting professional. I did and she didn't charge for her invaluable help only the cost of the lights and she was very competitive in her pricing. Also, I didn't make any lighting choices until I knew what my other finishes and styles were going to be. Best of luck and please keep posting progress photos.

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Lori B

Thanks so much, allora, for the feedback! I have been dying to get feedback on this topic, because it seems like the lighting will be one of the most important design elements. Something classic, simple, but unique is fine with me. The lights that I am questioning are for the island in the center of the kitchen. The island is planned to be 2'x6'. There will also be recessed lighting in the kitchen.

Any thoughts in direction are appreciated! I love the floral glass chandelier that I have planned for the breakfast room...but I'm so undecided how to make it work. If the pendants over the island can be a different finish or if I need to stick with something in the ivory/creme family like a mini-chandelier.

Again, here's the inspiration piece my DH purchased from Anthropologie last fall. I have the 5 light version...the photo makes it look a touch darker than it is in person. My flowers are more translucent and not so much red and dark blue. I would take a pic, but it's carefully packed in a box, until it's installed in the hew house!

When you say consult a lighting professional -- do you mean a lighting store salesperson? The problem I have seen so far, is that the local stores don't seem to have the vintage style lights (pulleys, schoolhouse, etc) that I have found in catalogs. I may be pushed into a different direction, depending on what they carry.

I'm not sure if I was clear in my earlier post, but when I was considering the schoolhouse light fixture, I am looking at an ORB finish.

The granite countertops that we are most likely going to do are Chocolate Brown in a Leather finish:

Faucet will be ORB, with a black silgranite sink. Appliances in SS. I'm *considering* painting the walls a honey or rich, butter color. Backsplash will likely be creme subway tiles with gloss finish, and the decorative backsplash over the cooktop is still undecided. Cabinets will be painted a cream color, and probably lightly glazed.

I received a Sundance catalog the other day, and 2 more pendants caught my eye. I love their simplicity! This copper pendant is awesome. However, that would be ANOTHER metal color in my kitchen, and I probably shouldn't introduce a 4th!

These tungsten bulbs are soooo neat! Are there any downsides to these? I know they are kinda expensive, but if they last a decent amount of time, it could be worth it.

There's also something like this at Lights Fantastic, which may coordinate well with the Breakfast room Glass Floral chandelier...

This seems more towards the European direction...not sure it's all that Spanish...but I like it! Also from Lights Fantastic:

It may seem like my thoughts are all over the board here.

I'm more likely to choose dark colored light fixture finishes for other rooms, like the Dining Room and Butler's Pantry which are just off the kitchen as well.

Thanks for reading this long post! I tried to place pics to make it more interesting, but it got a little rambly. :)

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First off, I LOVE your Anthropologie inspiration piece. I think it's great and I think it will be really great in your new house.

I really have no basis on which to base this, but I'm just not feeling the schoolhouse lights with that pendant. I'm also not convinced with the glass ones from Sundance (I just got something very similar for my kitchen from Velocity Art & Design except it's a cylinder shape). I do, however, love the copper one you're showing. Perhaps you could look for something similar in ORB type finish? I do think keeping it more on the simple side might be a good idea to maximize the impact of the Anthropologie piece.

What about something like this?

Too rustic?

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Lori B

That's two no-go votes for the schoolhouse, so I think I should listen to that advice! Maybe you're on to something kinda like the copper Sundance one but in ORB! I like how that one is fluted.

Thanks sooo much for the link! I haven't seen their website before, so I will certainly peruse it. I haven't figured out how to locate these boutique-vintage-inspired lighting places online. I just stumble across places....good thing I'm starting my search early. I want to find something really special!

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I just had to chime in...what a beautiful unique chandelier you've chosen! Of the mini pendants you are showing I like the shape of the copper one best. Although, I think it will be tricky if you have that colorful chandy and then a lot of ORB. You may not want to add in copper too.

I am trying to do an eclectic type Old World look in my kitchen and I am having a heck of a time with the minipendants! In my personal crazed quest, I have been surfing the LBL website to try and find something a little different. Most of their lights come in ORB with lots of beautiful glass colors. Maybe you could even pull an accent color from your chandelier? On the LBL website, they have some room photos that help me a lot with visualizing this.

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Lori B

Nice pendant. I like the fluted look of it. I love the flutes on lights. I would love to find a clear glass fluted shade with an ORB cord or pole.

Here's some pics of a couple of Ballard Design pendants that might work...they featured a grouping of 3 (2 of one design and 1 of another) in their catalog.

CX Designs has MANY awesome lights. I especially love Cristallo collection. Seems like all fixtures come in ORB. They have a bit less exposed ORB, which might help tie in my Anthro piece (which as painted ivory metal). Just a couple pics of what they have...but I also have to think about budget since I need 2!

Thanks everyone for their thoughts. It really helps!

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Those are beautiful glass globes you've found! They would work well with your light.

My only concern with the clear glass is the light may be blinding if the fixtures aren't hung high enough. They would be in your line of sight when people are gathered around the island.

I have pendants now that have exposed 100 W bulbs in them (yes, I need that much light!) and it's really distracting how they shine in the eyes. Anyway, that's why I am looking at long fluted pendants for my space.

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Home4sale, I love your chandelier for the breakfast room. I wish I could do something like that in my dining room but DH would never go for it. I also love the first pendant from Ballards and the copper one too.

I've been learning that it's ok to mix your finishes. For example this months Coastal Living shows a kitchen with brushed silver island pendants, copper sinks and range hood with polished crome faucet and cabinet hardware. The designer explains that if everything in matchy matchy the room falls flat. I just might live dangerously and change my mind and select all polish crome pulls and kitchen faucet with my brushed stainless island pendants. I think I'm settled on my dining and foyer lights but like you I want something special.

We are building a new old cottage. I loved your sketch and look forward to you posting pictures as your house gets underway. Next week we hang drywall. It's all very exciting!!

I also agree with Allora that you should seek some professional advice. Your contractor should give you some direction. If he uses a lighting company they should have someone to assist you without paying anything extra. I went to a lighting showroom that my GC buys from and they have been wonderful. They should give you catalogs to browse through or have a website that shows all the lighting manufactures they deal with. You can show them what you are looking for and they will find it for you. Good luck.

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