do i need to center chandelier between canned lights?

tovsterFebruary 26, 2014

i'm remodeling my dining/living room - it's one big room, 29' long. i'm putting in canned lights, will allot about 10 ft for the living area (sofa and chair and small table) and the remainder for the dining room. i want to put in a 10' dining table. there are 5 canned lights on each side of the room, and i'm trying to figure out where to put the chandelier for the dining table. ideally i'd want it centered over the table (though my architect seemed to think that wasn't important. i'm wondering if we used the wrong guy! lol), but my contractor is telling me it needs to be centered between 4 cans, in an x shape.
help, please!

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For symmetry yes.

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