Static in clothes......solution

krissie55September 13, 2013

Read on the internet that a piece of aluminum foil in the dryer would prevent static in clothes.

Today I loosely waded up about 2 ft. of aluminum foil and tossed into the dryer along with clothes containing synthetic fibers.

Much to my surprise there was "no static" in the clothes after drying in the dryer.

The foil became a hard ball. Leave the aluminum ball in dryer and it supposedly will eliminate static for 2 years.

Wow! I can now save money by not having to buy dryer sheets or softeners.

I dried white tops and did not see any aluminum streaks on the fabrics.


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SAD to say, the 5th load of clothes with aluminum foil in the dryer had static cling (blend of fabric bed sheets). Not as bad as in the past, definitely not the solution I thought it was going to be.

The first loads were without any cling then the 4th had a little and then 5th had too much cling.

Was worth a try!! First 2 loads were very impressive.......


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As you post this it comes to mind that aluminum foil has an ever so slight oily surface I believe. That might be why you got the results you got initially and not now, the oil is gone. This is only a guess.

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Have you tried the wool dryer balls? I haven't tried them but they are supposed to reduce static. Some negative reviews but most that I have seen have been positive.

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"As you post this it comes to mind that aluminum foil has an ever so slight oily surface I believe. "

It has something on it that is more than just aluminum.
That is why one should not line the floor of their ovens, or the paint finish will become destroyed. A friend of mine ruined her new E-lux Icon Pro oven that way. She was telling me that aluminum foil has other chemicals on the surface, perhaps Teflon or something like that (her words), that react badly with the paint.

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