3-way LED bulbs

dilettante_gwFebruary 7, 2013

Several of my lamps take 3-way bulbs, so I've been keeping an eye out for energy-efficient alternatives to 3-way incandescents. I'm not a fan of CFLs, and the currently available 3-way CFLs are too large for most of my lsmps anyway, so I've been hoping someone would come out with a 3-way LED.

Finally, a 3-way LED has been announced, and I thought some of you would be interested in hearing about it. It's by a company called SWITCH, and it won a prize for best innovation in lighting at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 last month. It's not in stores yet, but it's supposed to be available by April.

SWITCH's initial 3-way LED will only be the equivalent of a 25/50/75-watt incandescent, so it won't solve my 3-way lamping problem. It's also likely to be pricey because it will be the only 3-way LED on the market, and SWITCH's regular LED bulbs are expensive. (Their 40- and 60-watt incandescent equivalents are over $50 each right now, compared to $12-$15 per bulb by Philips and other big companies.) But other versions are sure to follow, and prices will eventually come down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article about SWITCH 3-way LEDs

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I just thought I'd follow up on my own posting in case anyone beside me is looking for 3-way LEDs.

The SWITCH 3-way LED is available for sale now. SWITCH claims it's the equivalent of a 30-60-75 (if such a thing existed) incandescent, and they cost about $65.99 EACH.and up, depending where you buy them.

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Thanks for posting this. No doubt similar lamps of practical output should be available in a year or so.

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I have two table lamps in the living room, and both of those have a 3 way switch on them. For the past few years I was using a 75w halogen bulb in them, since I wanted instant-on light and not poor CFL light quality. But last summer I changed out all the bulbs in my house (including CFLs) to Philips LEDs. For the living room I am using the 14w (75w equivalent) and the Lutron Credenza CL dimmer that the lamp plugs in to. I like this a lot more, since it offers a full range of dimming from very low, all the way to full brightness. The bulb was $30 and the dimmer was $8.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Products/Pages/StandAloneControls/Dimmers-Switches/CredenzaLampDimmer/Overview.aspx

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"SWITCH claims it's the equivalent of a 30-60-75"

Rather pitiful for those of us who need plenty of light to read (MS damage to visual acuity).

A 'standard' 3-way has been 50-100-150 for many years.

I need all the lumen's from that 150 to read even moderate type.

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