Cost of a decent 3 prong dryer cord?

kitkat3September 6, 2010

They sell these at BB for $29.99 but an appliance store in New Hampshire sells them for $10. Do I need to spend $30 to get a decent dryer cord? I know the outlet has 3 prongs.I don't want to be cheap about it, but I don't want to spend an extra $20 if I don't need to.

Thanks all you helpful people out in laundry land!!

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The $10 version is fine - it may even by exactly the same chord.

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What I did was jut replace the receptacle to 4 prong. It's so much cheaper than buying a new cord. It costs like $4. The 4th prong is the ground. IF you already have a ground wire (not connected to anything) in the outlet box, just connect it to the ground connection on the receptacle. The 2 hot wires and 1 neutral wire are the same. I'm no electrician...WARNING...turn the darn electricity off before you do it.

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It will cost a lot more than $4 if the wiring inside the 3-prong box is incorrect for 4-prong operation.

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weedmeister, I agree. I was lucky enough to have the ground in the outlet box wrapped around a screw. That's why I said "IF".

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