Outdoor Lights (next to front door)

xineFebruary 22, 2010

I've just come from my "design center" appointment for my new house being built by Ryland Homes. I've upgraded the lights on the outside of the garage door to Progress Lighting's Coventry style. It's a fixture 20" long and there will be one either side of the garage door.

I added wiring to either side of the front door to add a similar fixture there as well, but didn't want a huge 20" fixture there. Thinking that I could find a smaller version of the same Coventry style online, I did not purchase a fixture from Ryland at the design center.

Now I've discovered that the smallest fixture available is a 17" model, which still seems large. What size fixture would you all recommend for this application? It's a single door opening and there will also be recessed lighting in the porch ceiling, so this is not the main lighting source. These will be more decorative than anything.

I just hate that I had to make all of my decisions in one 4 hour time period without the opportunity to research online and then come back!!! sigh... oh well...

Here is a link that might be useful: Progress Coventry fixture

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Choosing fixture size is all about proportion. Whether or not the 17" is too big depends on the space around it. If you have a large front porch where it won't feel like you you are going to walk into them it can work. If you have a petite front porch then that may be why the home designer only included the recessed fixture(s) as porch lighting. If the recessed fixtures are positioned to adequately light the steps and wash the door with light this will be a nice look. If you have a pretty entry door let that be the decoration. Not seeing the source of a light and only seeing something attractive well lit can be a very nice effect.

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It's a pretty plain front porch and door (no window in the door and no side lights). The lights will help dress it up some. The porch is only about 6 feet deep, though it runs across the entire front of the house. This is a "tract" type house built by a national builder... there's not much "designer" qualities about it! Lol. :)

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