Best way to freeze meatballs?

marys1000July 4, 2009

I'm single and would like to be able to use around 4 meatballs at a time, on the occasional times I want to use them in spaghetti. So they need to last in the freezer for awhile.

Should I just brown them, not cooking them and then freeze and finish cooking after thawing - or thawing/cooking in the sauce?

Or cook all the way (is that browning then finishing in the oven?) then freeze?

I was going to put them in ziploc bags then in a plastic zip lock container.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Mary, I always bake my meatballs on a cookie sheet, drain on paper towels, then freeze in a single portion in a small zip bag and put several bags of meatballs in a larger zip bag. Or, you can freeze them on another baking sheet until they are completely frozen like marbles. Then you can put in rigid freezer containers or zip bags and take out just the number of frozen meatballs that you need for one serving.


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Mary, I usually make enough meatballs so I have some to simmer in a sauce and enough to freeze. I brown mine on the stove. Like Teresa, I freeze them in ziplock bags. When I'm in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs I just pull out the frozen meatballs and add them to a pot of sauce and simmer for an hour or so.


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I also bake my meatballs before freezing. I then put them on a small cookie sheet and freeze them individually. When frozen into zip lock bags they go. That way I can take out what I need, they aren't all stuck together. NancyLouise

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Hi Mary :
I usualy make about 40 at one time in the KA Mixer and bake like Teresa.

I double bag them so It don't get a frost buildup.
Works Good.
I'm looking into a Vacumn Sealer now.

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Like many other posters, I bake meatballs, freeze them on a baking sheet, then put them into ziplock bags. That way Ashley can take out 4 or 5 for herself and keep the rest frozen.


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And....if you are really in a hurry, you can microwave the meatballs.
I always cook some of the mixture in the micro to test for seasoning before I make a lot of meat balls, and one day it dawned on me.....why not cook them that way? At least enough to have any extra fat cook out.
So if I am making meatballs that will go directly into spaghetti sauce and I am out of time to pan fry them...I pop them into the micro for 4 or 5 minutes.
Linda C

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Absolutely cook them completely! Just don't overcook them.

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