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kathieloFebruary 11, 2012

We remodeled our kitchen approx. 6 yrs. ago and ever since i've been thinking off and on about putting in some sort of pendant lighting over my island. But as usual I've become paralized with indecision. So many things to consider after reading many posts on this forum. So here is my dilemma.

Island is 101" long by 42 " wide. My cooktop is in the island but not centered. One side of the cooktop is 33" the other is 31.5". The cooktop is not centered on large window over the sink behind it. When I stand in my foyer hall the cooktop lines up with the right side of the 3 pane window. It was mentioned in another posting that what will be framed by hanging pendants should be considered.

I was considering mini pendants equally spaced across the island. But talked myself out of this thinking it may look clutterd.

Then I thought of the double pendant fixture but I'm not crazy about the hanging chain nor the fact that is may look like it belongs over a pool table.

So my last idea is two larger pendant lights, but I really don't know where to position them....equally spaced over the island (but not evenly over the cooktop)...or off center but evenly spaced over the cooktop.

Nothing else is in the seating area etc.

Can any offer suggestions that may help me make a decision....finally...TIA

Maybe this will help..

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OH...and one last thing....can you suggest a style that will work in this kitchen..our house is mainly traditional in style.

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We used a big 4-tube fluorescent in a nice oak frame with lens so that nothing would be hanging down over the island.

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We have enough recessed lights so it is not a matter of too little lighting but rather style.

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If you have enough lighting, why put in more lights?

Lights above a cook top are likely to get oil splatter/ condensation and need cleaning.

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