searching for ucl, in led rgb.

renosarefunFebruary 25, 2014

I've been doing a search for several months now on a good quality set of Leds and haven't had much luck. Presently I have16� of T8 fluorescent bulbs (34w each x5 bulbs) and the lighting is great. Below or my requirements if anyone has any suggestions.

Prefer 12V but would consider 24V
Requiring, 16.5' of under counter light
16.5' of corner glass cabinet light.
16.5' of baseboard lighting.
Able to work off of a light switch as well as remote.
Led rgb, remote is a must as it will be color changing.
Most importantly, high lumens per foot.
that are dimmable and in RGB, therefore it will need a controller.

I found a relatively inexpensive set from Costco to try out, (Sylvania Mosaic) but it was about 40% of the brightness that I wanted. It didn't state the lumens per foot, but it was expandable to 20'. I thought of adding an amplifier but then it would be 80% of the brightness I required.

Anyone knows of a set that would meet my requirements.


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Did you look at or

You might want to consider deploying 2 separate lighting setups -
1. White light with high CRI (Color Rendition Index) for task lighting.
2. RGB strip with an appropriate controller.

Control can be very elaborate using either an enOcean or Zigbee controller and switch.

RGB lights are mostly deployed for accent lighting and usually do not do well as task lights.

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Thanks for the reply davidtay;

I did take a look at Superbrightleds, but not enviromentallights.

I believe you're suggesting one can't easily obtain both task and accent lighting with a standard rgb led whether it be ribbon or otherwise?

If so then installing two switches for two seperate leds are an option, albeit possibly double the cost.. Any suggestion on the best value for a high CRI led for task lighting, since the Sylvania would suffice for accent rgb leds. Although my first choice would be to pay extra to have one led complete both tasks.

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Yes, since commercially available RGB led light strips are not optimized for CRI.... at this point in time.

It would be fantastic if there were a linear version of the Philips Hue light bulb. However, the costs are probably prohibitive.

For a dimmable LED - either eW profile or the MaxLite would be good candidates to look at. Both are line voltage lights.

The thinner the light, the more costly it becomes.

If money is not a concern, unilume.

Then there is the klauf light bar

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Thanks for the reply davidtay,

I took a look at the klauf in which you provided the link and at around $1000.00, the price is somewhat over my budget. That and the fact it's 2700k is not what I'm looking for. I was hoping for something closer to daylight 6500k and a bit lower on cost. I do however like the fact its 435 lumens per 12" strip which seems very bright.

I'll just have to keep looking but have decided that I will most likely have to use two strips with 2 switches, 1 for rgb which will be accent and the other for 5000-6500k for general/task lighting,

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If you're intent on having rgb light changing strips, you'd need to consider home automation for the mood change to be smooth and seamless.

In time, prices will become less insane.

FWIW, I've added a review of the Philips hue light strips.

Here is a link that might be useful: hue strips review

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