inside cabinent sollution?

rtmom2February 2, 2009

My GC that did my kitchen hasn't shown up in a month to finish little things to be done. When the electrician was last here I spoke to him about adding a light inside a cabinet even though all the lighting was complete. (When I first mentioned it to the GC he wasn't in favor of this, don't know why). He said he could still do it. He would increase the size of the transformer and add another puck light in the cabinet. He put in hallogen 20 watt undercabinet puck lights and would add 10 watts inside cabinet. He said I would have to speak to the GC first since it was after the fact for pricing. Well I've given up on the GC and don't want to give him more $ (we still owe him $5000 but we have a credit from work not needed to be done, I think about $2000) and who knows when he'll show up if he does. My DH is handy and willing to do it, but I don't think I want hallogen inside a glass cabinet due to heat and I don't think we should mess with the transformer. What other ways can we do this with a finished kitchen? We do have dead space behind cabinet (a corner cabinet) and we have a outlet a few inches below it? Help!

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Check some of the other recent posts for cabinet lighting options.

Most systems are easy to install and should be within the capability of a handy husband, but if you have concerns it is better to be sure and get the experts on the job. Wait until after the contract is settled and then call the electrician directly.

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