My Annual Question (to the month)

PatSeptember 21, 2012

Okay, I'm asking about your favorite laundry detergent(s) again because I really get off on seeing if many of you have changed from last year. I now favor TIDE POWDER WITH BLEACH for whites, towels, bedding; and CHEER powder for our darks. Thinking I may change to CHEER powder exclusively after all TIDE is gone. What do you favor now?

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I'm really liking the new Tide pods. Yes, the ones kids are eating....

I have a Samsung FL and my laundry, especially towels, smell better and if I forget to open the door after my cleaning lady has left it doesn't smell nearly as bad now.

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Since I started using the Miele Care collection I have never tried anything else (saying a lot for me). I LOVE those detergents :)

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I don't like any type of premeasured detergents for dish or clothes washers. they tend to be the wrong dose and cost more. i don't find it all that difficult to pour liquid or powdered cleaning agents into the machines. to each his own, however. :)

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I use the exact same Tide with Bleach and Cheer combination that you do. I try every single laundry detergent that comes onto the market, and I always go back to these two. The tide's bleaching agent and brighteners work best for lights and white things. Stain removal is unmatched. Cheer protects my colors. Powdered Cheer does not contain optical brighteners, an ingredient that claims to make dark clothes look dull after numerous washings. Unless you stray to Persil or the Miele Care collection, I would personally think you are using the two best products for most every day laundry needs. And btw, I am testing out the new Tide Pods currently. Stain removal is only fair, but everything else seems to be alright. As expensive as they are per load, I just about expect perfection out of these Pods. If I am going to pay that much per load, I might as well switch back to Persil.

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My current go-to detergents for the past few months have been the Sears Ultra HE Powder "free" and EcoVantage powder.

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At present, I've settled into Tide with Bleach powder for whites and towels, and Tide Total Care for everything else.

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Tide Free Powder or Tide Free Liquid. I use the liquid most of the time as I think it cleans better.

There aren't a lot of choices for non-perfumed detergents that clean well.

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I rotate between Tide HE Total Care, Tide HE liquid w/ bleach, Tide HE powder w/ bleach, and Persil. The biggest change that I've made in the last year has been cutting the amount of detergent that I use by 50%. It took a leap of faith to use so little detergent (1-1.5 TBSP), but so far so good!

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I am temporarily away from home and my beloved GE front loader. The place I'm staying has a cheapo Hotpoint top loader and I hate it. Its wearing my clothes out and barely gets them clean. I'm using Gain liquid and Cheer powder right now. The Cheer is great. Very light scent and seems to be cleaning well. I plan to take it back home when I go and use it in my FL.


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The Honest Company detergent for colors, Persil sensitive megaperls for whites. Nothing else works as well for my whites.

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My favorites are Cheer powder and Tide with Bleach powder. In addition, Vaska - for delicates and darks (other than sweaty gym clothes). I love Vaska! Sometimes I use UK Persil liquid (I have the regular and "darks" version) which I really like - it works well and smells really good. Due to a recent move, I had to switch from my beloved LG FL to an old Kenmore toploader. But the detergents I liked before the move are still my favorite.

My least favorite detergent I have is regular liquid Tide that the prior owners of my rented condo left behind for me to use. Nasty smell, super sudsy, and rinses so poorly that I have to run multiple additional rinses. I am now only using it for washing my cleaning rugs.

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I do like Vaska also and will remember to use it on our darks when my Cheer powder runs out.

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Brought some liquid Tide ColdWater and some Method free + clear back home last summer. The Tide was okay but didn't like the fact that is has brighteners in it. Same is true for method. These would be nice detergents for darks, since there is no oxy in them... but those brighteners. :-( I understand that they can help to eliminate chlorine in the water but chlorine isn't allowed in our drinking water.

Anyway, I'm back to my all-time-favorite: Ariel by Profit&Gain ;-p

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Two questions for S'stava: (1) when you say "Tide HE w/bleach" above, do you mean that you add bleach to your liquid Tide HE, or do you mean the "Tide With Bleach Alternative," which is now called "Tide VIVID." I ask because I don't know if one needs to add Clorox 2 to Tide VIVID powder or liquid. And, (2) do you not use Tide With A Touch of Downy because the scent is too strong or do you feel it does not clean as well as VIVID.

Thanks. Sorry to be so obsessive about this.

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Just bumping this up so S'stava sees my question.

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I've used All Free and Clear since the late 80's or early 90's. I've never used another product since discovering All F&C.

This is my first year here but I'll be looking forward to your question at this time next year!

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I still use Tide HE powder w/bleach (now called Vivid) for white laundry.

Tide HE liquid w/bleach for whites I must wash in cold water.

I've run out of ERA HE liquid (which I used for a loooong time, at least a couple of years).

I'm almost out of Tide Total Care too.

I bought some Tide HE liquid w/Febreze because my guys get their work and sports clothes so stinky. It's great! I love it.

To those who use Cheer: Does it come in an HE formula? I used to love Cheer for Darks when I had a non-HE washer.

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Just jumping in now. I have an LG front loader washing machine. I was using Gain HE liquid but my machine was getting that musty smell and needed to be cleaned at least one a week. I switched to HE Ultra Tide Plus Bleach (color-safe) powder for all our clothes and voila! the smell is gone.

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Laura5l7, I'm not sure you could have made a better choice. You may want to alternate with the liquid version of that. Both also clean your machine as well as your clothes.

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