Closet Lighting Codes

dawnpfisterFebruary 8, 2012

We are in the process of adding a new master bath/closet to our existing home. My electrician says most people use fluorescent fixtures in closets. I know colors translate poorly in fluorescent lighting. There must be a better choice out there. Also, if I choose incandescent, I know code does not allow for open bulbs. Do I need a glass globe or will plastic globe meet code? Also, what wattage would be recommended in a 7'x7' closet?

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The NEC even dictates a very restricted fixture placement in clothes closets.

No fixtures above shelves, and large clearances from the edge of any shelves to where fixtures can be mounted in the ceiling.
Incandescent fixtures must fully cover the bulbs, but any fixture you can find that is UL listed should meet the requirements.
Recessed fixtures with covers are an option.

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