Lighting plan for LR and Kitchen (xpost)

swspitfireFebruary 6, 2010

I have made a lighting plan, not sure if it appears sufficient. I am going to the lighting store today.

Any feed back would be appreciated.

I will use 6 inch can recessed lighting with clear alzak, or black alzkc trims (as has been recommended here).

Currently in the LR is a table light just near the couch and a floor reading light that swivels over the chair near the stairs.

There will be under cabinet lighting on the sink wall. No upper wall cabinets on the fridge side.

DR and hall stairs have ceiling fixtures. The dotted line in the kitchen represents a drop ceiling (ht about 87")

The ceiling ht everwhere else is about 95"

Thank you

One square = one square foot

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I'm going through a similar situation right now and from what I've read the lights should be located above the edge of the counter. For yours I would have two rows, each above the counter. I also think you have them spaced too close together. Four to five feet apart would be sufficient.

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Hi vanisleevt
On the fridge side is just one counter area, the peninsula at the end near the DR. There is a full ht(very close to ceiling) pantry on both sides of the fridge. I did not think I had enough room to have 2 rows of lights. If I put 2 rows of lights I think I will not have light into the pantry to look around in there.
I also thought it would be nicer to center 2 lights over the peninsula instead of at the counter edge.
Perhaps my floor plan did not display very well. Here are some older pics (no lighting inserted on these)

Thank you

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