Electrolux Washer questions

disney205September 14, 2012

I have had the Electrolux Wave Touch Washer for a week now and after being told by electrolux customer service there is no drain trap to clean out (i called before we bought the set to ask about this specifically), i just found out there really is. Is this something that I need to worry about. We have a dog and cat and a small child so i am afraid the hair and small kid items might get caught. Our old washer had a baby sock stuck in it. We have the pair stacked in a small space so no easy access to it. Electrolux customer service said I would have to pay for a service call every 6 months to a year to have it cleaned. That is crazy! If that is the case, i will return them for a samsung set.

A second question....the gasket around in the washer is already warped. It does not lay the same all the way around. Kinda bubbles in a few places. Is this normal. The serviceman that came out today indicated that this is normal....just seems kinda crazy that it would be like that after only 1 week of use.

I really like this set just don't want it to nickle and dime us with service calls for regular maintenance. I hope that those with experience can help me decide whether to keep this set or return it for samsung.


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I have the older model WaveTouch and you should not worry about hair in the drain trap.
I have a cat and the pump works flawlessly since 2009.
As for the gasket, it should be pulky @ the 10 and 2 O'Clock mark so it is normal.
Keep in mind that the tub is tilted towards the rear and most loads stays to the rear of tub except extra large loads where it may rub up against the door.

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Thank you so much for your experience with this. That puts my mind at ease. The gasket in mine is not smooth at the 4 and 8 o'clock position but good to hear its normal for these machines. I really didn't believe the serviceman since it it different compared to other brands i've seen. And he said that I shouldn't be using powder detergent because it is bad for the machine. That made me wonder if he really knew his stuff or not. Everything that I have read on here says powder is the way to go to avoid buildup in the frontloaders. I have to say I am impressed so far with it and the ability for it to get stains out. Thanks again!

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I know a lady that bought a Frigidaire F/L washer and she said she was told she should only use liquid detergent. Maybe it is an Electrolux/Frigidaire thing??

I would get a mesh wash bag and wash all the baby socks in it just to be on the safe side.

Plus, I would use powder also.

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Hmmmm...interesting. I don't trust liquid because we ended up with a stink problem in our old washer. Took a long time to start stinking but the only thing i can figure out after reading here is from the detergent. Going to stick with powder for now.

I have been using the mesh bag. Just afraid I will miss one since they are so small.

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I don't have an E-lux washer, but our Miele front-load washer gasket has what might be called a ripple or wrinkle at the 8:00 and 4:00 places. It appeared after the first load of laundry. It's not a problem, our machine is 18 months old, and everything works well.

Our machine has a clean-out trap also. I check it, but have never found anything except a bit of dirt or grunge. Dog hair (she sheds a LOT) sort of sticks to stuff and shows up on the dryer filter instead.


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