Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart vs AquaSmart

baudjaSeptember 26, 2011

I posted here in August when I was looking to replace my F&P EcoSmart GWL11 washing machine, and I wanted to share my experience in case it is helpful to others.

After researching other options, I decided to "buy up" and purchase the F&P AquaSmart WL42T26DW1 with the impeller rather than the agitator. This is a low-fill HE machine. It didn't take long for me to become dissatisfied with the way the machine washed and the fact that I had little to no control over the wash settings. I was also quite unhappy with the extended time of the wash cycle, since I was accustomed to being able to shorten the cycle for lightly soiled loads.

I became so unhappy that I contacted the local dealer where I had purchased the machine, and they allowed me to exchange the machine (with a restocking fee) for the current version of the F&P EcoSmart (WA42T26GW1) similar to the GWL11 I had. I am once again pleased with the F&P EcoSmart model, specifically the time saver mode, delayed start and the ability to override the water level and wash time. None of those options were available on the particular AquaSmart model I purchased.

I wanted to share my experience for anyone else debating the F&P models. For someone accustomed to the more traditional top-load agitator wash, the EcoSmart is a great combination of higher efficiency and traditional wash mode. If you like the HE wash mode, using minimal water and a longer wash cycle, the AquaSmart is still a good machine.

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None of the AquaSmart models allow manual water level selection, but there is an option to turn HE mode OFF ("conventional" non-HE mode runs a higher fill) on all cycles except Regular, and a few cycles (Sheets, Bulky, and Easy Iron) run only on non-HE mode.

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Thanks, dadoes. I neglected to mention the conventional, non-HE mode available on the AquaSmart models. During the time I had the AquaSmart, I used the non-HE mode almost exclusively.

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I'm glad the EcoSmart is working well for you!
We have the AquaSmart model WL37T26D with impeller and it works just fine for us. I choose the correct cycle for the clothes and it seems to do the rest. Clothes come out clean and ready for the dryer. My water bill has gone down since we purchased it, so that's good too.

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