need help with wiring undercabinet lights

lzrjFebruary 23, 2010

I also posted this in electrical wiring. Im wanting to hard wire these light. One poster say that they lights were not intended to be hard wired but the guy at Lowes said they could since they are 120v. A special lighting store also tried to sell me the same puck lights (but just the pucks and not the whole kit) after i told them how I was going to wire them.

Im also needing to know how to actually wires them in. The wiring was done when we built and they have a switch on the backsplash with four wires coming out at different points under the cabinets. How do I actually wire these in as well? Do I wire them in line or do I wire several pucks wires to just the main line coming out. If I can't hard wire these, how do you know what lights then you can or can't. I figures any 120V lights could.

Not too familar with electrical wiring other then make sure its turned off when messing with it :). Can anyone give me advice? Here are the picture of the lights and one of the wires from the backsplash.

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Job got completed today. Just posting this so it can go away.

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