best undercabinet lighting need advice

prinesurfFebruary 28, 2008

I appologize if this subject has already been covered!

I'm looking for the best and the brightest undercabinet lighting for my kitchen. THe lights will go under 3 24" cabinets (each separated by a stretch of 36" sink or stove) There is NO direct task light on these counters, only recessed in the walkway in front of the cabinets.

I want to know should I get xenon or halogen. In my previous kitchen I had xenon by Kitchler and I found these to be very hot (read recently that xenon isn't hot-not my expereince!)

the lights will be hard wired in and I could add a dimmer.

Any advice would be helpful. Also include any info you have to lumens. I have the lumens of the bulbs, but since I don't know the angle of the bulb spread it is hard to determine how much reaches the counter and what the spread is, especially when you have 3 bulbs!! Help

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We hardwired the Xenon task undercabinet lights sold by Pegasus. We have them on a switched circuit and did not use a dimmer because they already have a built in hi/lo switch. The 16" units have two 20 watt bulbs and the 24" have three. We have found these to be very good both as task and mood lighting. Yes they do get hot, but not that bad, and certainly better than halogen bulbs. If heat is your concern, then you might want to consider fluorescent, but IMHO, Xenon light has a better color rendition.

The fixtures come in several fiinshes, and you can get the specs, etc., on their web site. We have order several times from Pegasus with no problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Xenon Task lights

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I am considering the LED lights because they do not get hot. My question is this- does it make sense to have them where you can put each one on or is better to have them controlled together by one switch? I keep thinking about this, and I posted in the kitchen forum as well. It seems to me that most people would prefer the one switch to light all. I am thinking that if I want light where I am working, maybe I dont want it going on all over the undercabs? Any insight would be most appreciated.

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We had the Kichler xenon lights installed a couple of years ago. We're satisfied, but I think if I had it to do over, I would look into other options. LCD may be pricey to buy but use so little juice they are in the end economical. I would also not dismiss fluorescent lights. The light quality is vastly improved over what they used to be, and they also use very little juice.

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I just was shown these from leviton stick on led pucks and have inquired on the kitchen forum about them. I am hearing that they do not provide enough light, but I am going to try them later today and in teh meantime am wondering if anyone has any info/experience with them?
(scroll down for item)

Here is a link that might be useful: stickable led puck

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llanesv can put them on zone switches if you think that would work. You can turn them ALL on or just the ones you want or need.

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